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Rage Grade is a benchmark of how your customer frustration stacks up against other companies like yours.

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Rocking an A?

Great job! No frustration detected—your site is smooth as butter and your customers are some of the happiest in your industry.

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Slapped with a C-?

FullStory found some in-app friction that could be driving your customers crazy. But don’t worry, it’s easy to learn how you can bring up your grade.

You’ll also see the top 10 frustrated sessions that led to your grade in pixel-perfect playback.

What kinds of frustration
will I see?

Frustration signals

Frustration Signals

Our machine-trained algorithm combines rage clicks, error clicks, and dead clicks to determine real user frustration towards a broken or misleading UI.

Abandoned form

Abandoned Forms

Nothing says I’m over this like a form that’s abandoned mid-fill. FullStory automatically detects abandoned forms and factors them into your score.

Mouse thrash

Thrashing Mice

Ever get so angry at an app that you thrash your mouse back and forth in frustration? Your customers do. And FullStory factors thrashing motions into your score.

Hit the books, study these frustrated sessions, and improve your online experience!

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