Boost e-commerce revenue and sharpen your competitive advantage with DXI

New data reveals that 40% of global consumers “don’t care” which shop or site they buy from, “as long as it works.” This may come as startling news to online retailers who depend on brand loyalty to keep their customers coming back. 

What’s more, over half (55%) of consumers say they’re unlikely to return to a site where they had a poor digital experience. Customers are embracing the fact that they have options when shopping online, and the smallest frustration can send them looking for the next site. 

For ecommerce businesses, a delightful, friction-free online shopping experience is the ultimate competitive advantage. In this guide, you’ll discover how to overcome challenges like: 

  • Communication breakdowns that lead to siloed efforts and misaligned priorities

  • Balancing rigorous privacy standards with expectations for personalized shopping experiences

  • Retaining customers in the face of ever-increasing online competition