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Close the customer feedback loop with Medallia and Fullstory

At Fullstory we believe in the power of combining quantitative and qualitative data to get the clearest picture of your customer’s experience. When you have that complete picture, you can build products and experiences that add real value to your customers’ lives.

Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with Medallia, a leading experience management platform. Using Medallia and Fullstory together, businesses gain a 360-degree look at the customer’s digital experience to power more perfect online interactions—the kind of experiences that increase revenue and customer loyalty.

Here's what Yi Cao, HBC Saks senior manager of product research, had to say about combining Medallia with Fullstory:

Customer feedback is so important to our customer experience strategy. The integration between Fullstory and Medallia allows us to efficiently investigate customer feedback in the context of their actual online experience. This unprecedented visibility into the customer experience allows us to quickly resolve issues and provides inspiration for how we can add more value to the digital experience. — Yi Cao, Senior Manager, Product Research, HBC SAKS

How will the partnership help companies solve digital experience problems and build better products? Read on for details.

Customer feedback now comes with full context

An essential piece of the digital experience puzzle comes straight from your customers in the form of feedback.

Customer-centric companies collect feedback because they know it is essential to understanding and meeting customer needs, building customer loyalty, and ensuring that every customer becomes an enthusiastic advocate for their brand. For product and customer experience teams, the insights, issues, and ideas gleaned from customer feedback are priceless.

Enter Medallia. Medallia is the feedback backbone for many of the world’s top brands; their Experience Cloud makes it easy to monitor feedback across a multitude of sources from online reviews, chat logs, and surveys, to net promoter scores (NPS), click streams and more.

While user feedback answers many questions, it often inspires even more questions—questions like:

— "How are these low NPS scores affecting our conversion rates?"

— "Which issues will have the biggest impact on our bottom line so we can prioritize the most important fixes first?"

— "Are there any commonalities in the experiences of our happy customers versus our unhappy ones?"

— "How can the same product/online store lead to thousands of happy shoppers AND frustrated detractors? What’s happening?"

— “What led to this customer’s bad experience?”

Imagine being able to understand the Why behind any customer’s negative feedback and quantify its business impact. That’s where Fullstory comes in. When you pair Fullstory with Medallia, you can instantly see the context behind every piece of feedback received from a customer.

Fullstory stores and organizes customer interactions on your site or mobile app, allowing you to see exactly what happened for any given customer session. Understand what happens before, during, and after a customer leaves feedback and make sense of their attitudinal and behavioral reactions.

Medallia and Fullstory combine to make sure that any team with a stake in the customer experience can quickly get answers to critical questions about the customer’s digital experience.

Want to learn more about how the combination reveals new insights about your customer's online experience? Read on!

3 ways to reveal powerful customer experience insights by combining Medallia and Fullstory

Understanding the Why behind the What for your online customer experience has never been easier.

Below are 3 ways the you can combine Medallia's qualitative insights with Fullstory's robust digital experience data to solve for less-than-perfect experiences and ultimately increase revenue:

1. Understand the business impact of a bad digital experience

— "How are these low NPS scores affecting our conversion rates?"

We’ve heard from mutual customers that one of the most exciting aspects of our partnership with Medallia is the ability to understand the impact of negative feedback on conversion rates. Finally, product and CX teams can quantify the impact of issues illuminated by customer feedback, identify solutions, and prioritize efforts.

How does this work? Using the Medallia and Fullstory integration, your feedback metrics (e.g. survey data and NPS scores) flow directly into Fullstory, connecting them to Fullstory’s treasure trove of digital experience data.

An event search in FullStory for sessions in which a customer completed a Medallia survey.

Then, from Fullstory, you can search, segment, and view trends associated with those metrics. And if you’re a Conversions by Fullstory user, you can find where frustrating customer experiences result in not only poor feedback but also underperforming conversion rates (and by how much).

Have you heard about our Conversions product? With Conversions by Fullstory, you get a prioritized list of opportunities—all ranked by impact. Watch this video (1:50) to learn more.

Once you're able to connect digital customer feedback—like NPS scores—with the digital experience that led to it, you'll have exactly what you need. The What and the Why to make those customer experiences better.

2. Find the common denominator among your detractors

— "Are there any differences in the experiences of our happy customers compared to our unhappy ones?"

— "How can the same product—or online store—lead to thousands of happy shoppers AND frustrated detractors? What’s happening?"

Fullstory’s Engagement Heatmaps and Click Maps are segment sensitive. That means once you bring Medallia’s Experience Cloud data into Fullstory, you can get a high level view of the activity trends of your happiest customers compared to your most frustrated ones. Does one group take a different path through your site than another? What do the differences tell you about how you can improve?

Engagement Heatmaps and Click Maps reveal in aggregate what's getting clicked most on any page or screen on your site or app.

Imagine, you discover that your happiest customers—as revealed by Medallia—all visit the homepage of your site at some point during their shopping experience. Meanwhile, your less satisfied shoppers arrive by way of search and proceed straight to checkout. Both are completing their purchase but something doesn’t add up.

Using Engagement Heatmaps and Click Maps in Fullstory, you look at the heatmap of users on the homepage. You see customers are clicking the current promotion banner on your homepage—it’s glowing “hot pink” from the heatmap. A-ha! Turns out your Googling customers miss this promotion and pay full price. Meanwhile your more-satisfied customers purchase confidently, knowing they’re getting the best possible deal.

Combining Medallia with Fullstory gives you a clear way to know just what’s going on—a way to solve even the most challenging CX mysteries.

3. Get straight to the heart of a customer’s bad experience

— “What led to this customer’s bad experience?”

Medallia Conversations lets you reach customers during their experience, when their feedback is top of mind and will be the most relevant and insightful. Hopefully, most of this feedback is positive and constructive, but once in a while a customer will have a bad experience and leave negative feedback.

Now with Fullstory and Medallia working together, any negative feedback captured in Medallia will also include a Fullstory session URL, making it easy to jump right into the customer’s experience and see for yourself what went wrong.

From within FullStory, you get user agent data that can be shared directly to your issue tracking tools—or just copy and paste it to send however works for your team.

Find a bug? We’ve got you covered there, too. Fullstory captures user agent data, console logs and page speed metrics, making it easy for engineering to get straight to the root of the problem and quickly ship a fix.

Put your customer at the center of your operations

To provide an exceptional digital experience, your organization needs to understand where, how, and why customers become frustrated ... or experience delight.

By combining Medallia with Fullstory, your organization can analyze customer feedback alongside that customer’s actual experience. Once you can match feedback and sentiment with a person’s experience ‘in the wild,’ you’ll have exactly what you need to improve the experience, create happier customers, and increase revenue.

We look forward to creating even more ways to understand and improve customer experiences online through a strong partnership with Medallia.

Want to learn more about how to combine Fullstory with Medallia?

Reach out to your account executive or Fullstory's Customer Success team today.

If you're already a customer of both Medallia and Fullstory, head over to our Help Center and learn how to set up the integration.

Find our press release about the partnership here.


Amy Ellis

Former Partner Marketing Manager

Amy Ellis was previously the Partner Marketing Manager at Fullstory.