All the data you need to build better digital experiences

With a full picture of your user experience data, you have everything you need to optimize your website, mobile app, or software platform.

A dashboard in FullStory showing decreased rage clicks, increase conversions, and decreased JavaScript errors

What is Digital Experience Intelligence?

DXI is your X-ray vision into the digital experience. See everything: all your quantitative and qualitative experience data, captured automatically and retroactively, in one place. Integrate with data from the rest of your stack to prioritize changes that have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Better experiences start with complete data

See the full data picture

See the full data picture

Feedback has never been this accessible with retroactive, private-by-default, fully indexed data.

Do what delights your users

Do what delights your users

See what users love (or why they leave) to prioritize the work that most impacts your bottom line.

Go beyond finding and fixing

Go beyond finding and fixing

Immediately view user behaviors in context to build better experiences, efficiently and effectively.

DXI gives you visibility into every step users take

Product analytics

Track the metrics most crucial to your business goals with easily customizable dashboards, conversion analysis and more.

Qualitative insights

Watch problems exactly how they played out with session replay and heatmaps–without compromising user privacy.

Your data ecosystem

Sync FullStory data with your warehouse to map the entire omnichannel experience and see every path that brings customers to conversions.

“If you really want to build a customer-centric product, you need FullStory.”

Greg Kaplan, Product Manager, Digital Experience, JetBlueRead JetBlue’s DXI story

"Making the unknowns known"

“The platform is robust in the information it can provide, paired with an easy-to-use experience and interface to dissect that information in any way you may need… It helps us be significantly faster in resolving active issues while being more proactive in building better user experiences to avoid introducing future issues.”

Dustin C., Senior Product Manager, Enterprise customerVerified G2 reviewer

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