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Highlights from Spark London 2023

That’s a wrap! We’re thrilled that Spark London 2023 is in the books. 

First and foremost, we want to extend our enormous appreciation to the attendees, speakers, and sponsors who joined us for this action-packed event. The energy and insights brought by every individual are what make events like Spark London so valuable. 

Whether you attended or not, read on for a quick recap of some of the highlights from Spark London. 

3 takeaways from Spark London 2023

Swapping notes with over 150 DX pros

To use the obvious pun: Each person in attendance helped to put the spark in Spark London 2023. The event brought together 160 guests from all over the region to network, share tips, learn new digital experience strategies, and hear from thought leaders on a range of topics. (Not to mention participating in a scavenger hunt, playing video games, winning prizes, and spending a day getting inspired away from the office!) 

Fullstory power users sharing best practices

It’s no secret that every organisation faces its own challenges for making data insights accessible to everyone who touches the customer experience. In a panel on using data democracy to harness the power of actionable analytics, leaders from MPB, loveholidays, and Pizza Hut discussed how they’ve each faced and addressed these challenges head-on to create a data-first culture.

Another user panel tackled a subject that many DX pros avoid thinking about: failure. It may seem counterintuitive, but every failure delivers learnings that get you one step closer to an incredible digital customer experience. In this session, panelists from Bentley Motors, Game Lounge Group, and Pinnacle Pet Group also shared tactics for embracing testing and failure as part of the learning process. 

Spark London panel

Finally, leaders from Porsche Digital talked about best practices for measuring the digital experience for conversion-increasing insights. Their pro tip? Complete user data leads to empathy, and empathy leads to creating better digital experiences. 

Looking to the future of digital experiences and AI

Of course, it wouldn’t have been a tech conference if Artificial Intelligence (AI) didn’t make an appearance. Chip Lay, Director of Product Strategy at Fullstory, explored how machine learning, AI, and burgeoning new technologies will influence the future of digital experience analytics. There are promising advancements in knowing not only how your customers have behaved, but how they likely will behave. But you need to know now how to set your company up to take advantage of new developments for years to come.

Fullstory’s SVP of Product Agata Bugaj also gave attendees an exclusive sneak peek at upcoming feature releases that will help Fullstory customers meet emerging DX challenges and opportunities head-on. Importantly, what’s coming in the Fullstory platform is informed by the constant feedback we get from customers—both directly and through insights from (you guessed it!) Fullstory data. We hope the session’s attendees are as excited about the future of digital experience analytics as we are. 

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