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How creates seamless booking experiences for over 100 million travelers each year with DXI

The Fullstory Team
Posted March 21, 2023
How creates seamless booking experiences for over 100 million travelers each year with DXI

Founded in 2016, is an Amsterdam-based online travel agency serving over 100 million global users every year. Travelers around the world use to compare rates and find the best deals on hotel accommodations at their destination. 

In addition to helping travelers find the lowest rates with major travel suppliers like TripAdvisor, Kayak, and more, aims to make the booking experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. With Fullstory’s Digital Experience Intelligence platform,’s teams resolve bugs faster, save money on headcount, and conduct valuable UX research for improving their website. 

With Fullstory’s industry-leading approach to data privacy, builds better digital customer experiences while guarding end-user data and PII. 

4 ways is using DXI to make booking travel a smooth flight

1. Add important context to product analytics data

The team uses multiple tools to monitor user behavior quantitatively, but only Fullstory reveals the why behind the trends they identify. 

For example, they noticed conversion rates drop sharply for some users on a particular area of their website. When they investigated the pattern with Session Replay in Fullstory, the team was quickly able to identify the issue: the button that users were meant to click to move forward was hidden behind another element on the page, and users didn’t know how to proceed. 

Without Fullstory, uncovering the reasons behind changes in key metrics like this one would require to hire additional analysts and take much longer to resolve, without any guarantee of understanding user behavior. 

2. Diagnose and fix bugs faster’s engineering team relies on Fullstory to quickly understand what’s driving errors that crop up on their site. Engineers use DXI to see exactly how users experienced errors without having to manually recreate them—saving time, speeding error resolution, and granting clarity into how errors impact the user experience. 

3. Spark empathy and innovation from the top down cares about customers above all else, and they never want a customer to feel frustrated during the booking process. There’s nothing like seeing a pixel-perfect recreation of a user Rage Clicking (and then abandoning) your website to ignite empathy and inspire action—and Fullstory provides just that. The leadership team at finds Fullstory to be an irreplaceable tool for keeping in touch with their customers’ experiences and building empathy for how visitors feel on their site. Plus, watching recreations of anonymous user sessions promotes innovative ideas from team members at all levels of the organization. 

“Fullstory allows us to understand user behavior patterns across our website, ranging from large sets of data to drilling down into a sequence of events to understand how often something happens. As a result, product teams and leadership at are big users of Fullstory. The platform delivers key insights that we wouldn’t get elsewhere, and as a result creates empathy for our users and inspires new ideas and opportunities on how to continuously improve the digital experience across our website.”

— Dorota Wymyslowska, Product Analytics,

4. Conduct roadmap-influencing UX research has used many methods for conducting user experience research: Surveys, usability studies, interviews, focus groups, and more. And while these tools have their merits, only Fullstory lets’s teams see how users interact with their site in the wild—all while keeping user privacy as a top priority. 

What’s more, when’s UX team identifies a behavioral pattern they want to investigate, Fullstory makes it easy to drill down into the qualitative data surrounding user trends to understand exactly why something is happening. These insights help the product team prioritize new features for their roadmap and monitor each release to ensure the digital experience is top-tier for each of their customers.

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