Why Won't They Click This Button? Conversion Audits for Busy Marketers

Learn how to increase your conversion rates through simple but effective site audits using FullStory, SEO tools, and more.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of issues on your site? Unsure what to address first? If you want to move quickly and boost conversions but have found yourself drowning in data, listen up.

Dana DiTomaso, President & Partner at Kick Point, recently offered up her expertise via a webinar titled Why Won't They Click This Button? Conversion Audits for Busy Marketers. The presentation was facilitated by Alexa Hubley, Customer Marketing Strategist at Unbounce, and was one of 14 webinar recordings viewed by over 8,000 marketers as part of Marketing Optimization Week.

Dana's presentation focused on how to bring together a site audit, analytics, and session replay and build a full picture of what's preventing conversions and causing user friction—and gain a list of specific action items you can implement right away.

Why Won't They Click This Button — Webinar recording


Want to dive in deeper? We have distilled the full content of Dana's talk into this article, so you can read, watch, or flip through the slides as you see fit.