Have you ever used a website, software, or app and thought, “Wow, that was quick and easy”? Here’s your chance to hear from the experts who helped build those experiences.

See who's confirmed and check back for more incoming soon.

Gibson Biddle headshot with pink border
Gibson Biddle

Former VP of Product at Netflix

Scott Voigt headshot w/ pink border
Scott Voigt

CEO & Co-Founder at FullStory

Agata headshot with pink border
Agata Bugaj

Senior Vice President, Product at FullStory

Lars Wiedenhofer headshot with pink border
Lars Wiedenhofer

Observability - Mission Control at Daily Pay

Anisha Anisha headshot with pink border
Anisha Anisha

Product Manager, CX at Endeavor Beverage Group

Kirsten headshot with pink border
Kirsten Newbold-Knipp

Chief Marketing Officer at FullStory

Matt Powell headshot with pink border
Matt Powell

Chief Technology Officer at FTD

Chip Lay headshot with pink border
Chip Lay

Product Strategy Director at FullStory

Ingrid Cruz

Head of Product Design at FullStory

Joel Karczewski headshot with pink border
Joel Karczewski

CTO at Mariner Finance

Evan Michner headshot with pink border
Evan Michner

Head of Product Management at FullStory

fs-spark-headshot-Miriam Harris
Miriam Harris

Customer Success Director at FullStory

Kim Ray

Group Product Manager at FullStory

Meg Wachter

Senior Sales Engineer at FullStory

Brooks Alford headshot with a pink border
Brooks Alford

Enterprise Customer Success Director at FullStory

fs-spark-headshot-Gardner Rordam
Gardner Rordam

Enterprise Customer Success Director at FullStory

Nils Foon

Senior Sales Engineer at FullStory

Addison Price headshot with pink border
Addison Price

Sr. Manager, Sales Engineering at FullStory

Brent Hildebrand headshot with pink border
Brent Hildebrand

Senior Customer Success Manager at FullStory

Van Staub headshot with pink border
Van Staub

Manager Solutions Architecture at FullStory

fs-spark-headshot-Jill Sousa
Jill Sousa

Senior Success Manager at FullStory

Tiina Helminen

Senior Success Manager at FullStory

Jona Youdeem headshot with pink border
Jona Youdeem

Product Marketing Lead at FullStory

Lane Greer headshot with pink overlay
Lane Greer

Sales Engineering Specialist at FullStory

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