You don’t know what you’re missing
without session replay.

FullStory records and reproduces real user experiences on your site helping you support customers, boost conversions, and debug faster.

Pixel Perfect Session Replay

See your site through your
users’ eyes.

More than the sum of its clicks, FullStory replays your customer's journey – like a DVR for your website – so you can search, see, and understand your user experience.

What is session replay?


Watch only the sessions that matter.

FullStory helps you focus on what’s important. Search based on any combination of attributes and events, or jump right in with one of our pre-built segments.

  1. Filter sessions by User Attributes.
  2. Segment based on Engagement.
  3. Find sessions with signs of Frustration.
  4. Isolate by Source, Device, OS, or Location.
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Save valuable time with on-demand bug reproduction.

Replay removes the guesswork from reproducing bugs by providing a detailed console log of JavaScript errors with every session recording. Press play for real-time QA, debugging, and issue tracking to give your developers back their time.

Once we discovered the bug we were able to move quickly and fix it. We might have been pulling our hair out for weeks had we not thought to use FullStory.

Dan DeMeyere - thredUP
Dan DeMeyere
VP Engineering, thredUP
Solve Bugs Faster
FullStory integrates with your bug tracker softwareFullStory integrates with your bug tracker software
Support customers without the back-and-forth.Support customers without the back-and-forth.

Support customers without the back-and-forth.

Vague questions. Head-scratching requests. Sound familiar? With FullStory, replay your customers’ sessions and see their struggles instantly with every ticket filed. Your support agents can provide higher-quality answers in fewer touches, all without ever having to ask for a screenshot again.

Before, we had no idea how long it might take to locate an issue. Now, we know it will only take as long as the customer’s session took.

Jerry Hoopfer - Moosejaw
Jerry Hoopfer
eCommerce Project Manager, Moosejaw
Provide the Best Support

Learn what to optimize with every visit.

With conversion rate optimization, every visit counts. Replay turns underperforming landing pages, abandoned carts, and bounce rates into learning opportunities.

Because we can watch their behavior in our software, we’re able to identify even small things we can change — and those small changes are what set us apart.

Jeff Vincent - Wistia
Jeff Vincent
Director, Product Management, Wistia
Optimize Conversions
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