Aligning systems with Digital Experience Intelligence
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Aligning systems with Digital Experience Intelligence

The FullStory Team
Posted October 21, 2021

What does alignment look like for your team? 

Every digital team has unique dynamics, priorities, and work flows—which means that misalignment and disconnections are common challenges. 

Different teams might be making decisions based on different data sets, it may be unclear which DX issues are impacting the most revenue, or teams might lack a common language to use around digital experience. Or, perhaps, you don’t even know exactly where the disconnect lies. 

If you’re struggling to address alignment issues at your organization, Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) could be the solution you’re looking for to get teams on the same page. 

How? By adding agility to your tech toolkit, best-in-class DXI platforms reveal your biggest digital experience opportunities while uniting siloed teams. Keep reading to learn more about how DXI aligns your teams’ workflows, integrates your tech stack, and sets your digital teams—and ultimately, your customers—up for success. 

4 ways DXI aligns your systems and teams

Team collaboration made simple 

Team collaboration can get complicated. Different departments can become siloed, tasks get buried, and customers can suffer for it. 

A DXI solution enables collaboration across the business by streamlining communication and data sharing. Here’s how: 

Digital experience intelligence platforms offer off-the-shelf integrations with team collaboration tools like Slack and Trello to make cross-functional teamwork (even for dispersed teams) painless and seamless. It also gives teams across your organization a common language to use around digital experience data.

With FullStory, product, engineering, and UX teams can align around customers, break down internal information silos, and achieve company objectives together—faster. The end result? A digital experience that customers and users love.

Maximize time-to-value

No matter what kind of business you are, you want to convert new customers into raving fans as quickly as possible. 

This is called time-to-value (TTV)—or the amount of time it takes a new customer to understand and receive value from your product. 

In order to help your customers find the value, you need to know what they consider valuable. A DXI solution leads you to these answers by revealing the motives behind customer behavior.  

Choose a DXI platform with a robust network of out-of-the-box integrations and customizable integrations via Webhooks or JavaScript and HTTP APIs. This way any functionality you need—like built-in workflow tools and templates—can be configured easily without the need for external support.

Technical and non-technical teams alike can rely on DXI for pertinent information, reducing costly back-and-forth. That ultimately means better TTV for your customer.

Automate your workflow

Why is automation so important to creating efficient workflows for your team? 

  • 73% of IT leaders say automation saves employees between up to 50% of the time they previously spent doing manual tasks

  • 85% of business leaders believe that automating some of the workload will give them and their employees more time to focus on the goals that truly matter to the company

A DXI platform that connects with popular iPaaS solutions—like, Workato, and Zapier—enables you to streamline automation, successfully scale your tech stack, and maintain smooth processes. 

What does this mean for different teams day-to-day? With DXI: 

  • Product managers get full visibility into how customers interact with your business online, with actionable insights designed to drive business results. 

  • Engineering and Customer Success teams are empowered through digital experience data, cutting time to resolution and boosting customer satisfaction. 

  • Marketers see first-hand which investments are making an impact.

All-inclusive analytics and reporting

Onboarding a robust software might seem daunting, but implementing DXI doesn’t require you to overhaul current processes, reporting, or custom events your team has invested in tracking.

Digital Experience Intelligence has the ability to absorb and evaluate common data layer attributes across analytics platforms, such as Adobe Analytics and Google Tag Manager. This means your DXI platform can instantly incorporate the information collected in your data layer. 

DXI’s ability to automatically ingest all customer interaction data means you can collect and analyze every element on your website or app—without the hassle of manually tagging what you want to track. Whether you’re using powerful segment features to build custom reports, monitoring user trends, or building proactive insights, DXI allows you to uncover hidden opportunities in your digital experience.

Aligning with DXI

The right DXI solution breaks down barriers across your business, turbocharges your tech stack, and empowers your team to work smarter, not harder. 

DXI is designed to help businesses continuously improve the digital customer experience (and internal efficiencies) across sites and apps. In short, with DXI you can: 

  • Maximize your integrations, automations, and communications 

  • Proactively surface top opportunities to optimize the customer experience and shorten TTV

  • Easily access the data needed to understand DX issues, prioritize fixes, remediate bugs, and measure the impact of improvements—all to better your bottom line

Are you currently evaluating digital experience platforms? This guide walks you through the most important considerations.

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