Announcing FullStory’s Optimizely integration
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Announcing FullStory’s Optimizely integration

Jordan Woods
Posted November 20, 2017

Gain insights. Create experiments. Understand results. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Pretend for a minute you’re reviewing your go-to segment in FullStory when you happen upon an unfortunate experience on your site: nearly all your visitors immediately dismiss the email capture form you painstakingly crafted to boost your content distribution list.

What went wrong? Was it the copy? The form’s position on the page? Both or something else?

FullStory’s new Optimizely integration answers these questions and helps you experiment with possible solutions.

Once you’ve determined the experiment you should run in Optimizely (using FullStory, of course), start your experiment, and let FullStory’s Optimizely integration pull your campaign, experiment, and variation names and IDs directly into FullStory. Now you can see the performance differences of your variations in Optimizely and use FullStory to see why their performance differed. Just start typing the name of your campaign, experiment, or variation in FullStory and see the corresponding sessions. It’s that easy.

Now, imagine your experiment tests the placement of the email capture form to see if moving it changes the signup rate. Optimizely will inform you of any differences in signup rate, but you can also use FullStory’s visual analytics (called Searchies) to surface other interesting insights, like an increase in session length or overall engagement:

Boy howdy, is this a useful integration!

Looking for other examples of businesses harnessing the power of Optimizely and FullStory? Learn how MetroMile uses the two to determine product bundles and packages.

Happy experimentin’, y’all.

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