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Automate customer-centricity with FullStory +

Amy Ellis
Posted May 28, 2020
Automate customer-centricity with FullStory +

An integrated tech stack is essential for modern companies prioritizing customer and digital experience. Why? Because to be successful, a company must be customer-centric at scale—and scale can only be achieved when data flows seamlessly among the toolsets used across teams.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with leading general automation platform, provides a single hub that makes it possible to connect hundreds of cloud software platforms, ensuring a fully integrated tech stack is possible for any business no matter what tools they choose.

This partnership means that almost any integrated functionality is at your fingertips, for example, FullStory + Redshift, FullStory + Amplitude, etc.

Connecting FullStory + Marketo with

One such automation that makes possible (and that we’re particularly excited about on the FullStory marketing team) is the FullStory to Marketo connection.

Marketo is a sophisticated marketing automation software that makes it possible to plan more thoughtful, personalized marketing outreach to your audience.

FullStory’s powerful analytics engine indexes and analyzes every customer interaction, proactively surfacing top opportunities to optimize digital experience, and enabling teams to understand issues, prioritize fixes, remediate bugs, and measure the impact of those changes.

And now, thanks to, you can use the treasure trove of digital experience data from FullStory to trigger actions in Marketo. It’s easier than ever to create personalized Marketo campaigns that drive higher engagement and ultimately convert more leads to opportunities and closed-won deals.

How might you use this new power? Here are three essential customer-centric automations to build using FullStory,, and Marketo.

1. If a user has more than 10 Rage Clicks in one day, add to a product education drip campaign and alert CSM to check in.

Rage Clicks are a helpful indicator of customer frustration in your app or on your website. The cause of that frustration could be anything from brokenness or confusion (and FullStory’s session replay will reveal the cause either way).

With, you can easily funnel frustrated users identified in FullStory into an education drip campaign, providing helpful product guidance. You can simultaneously alert someone from customer success to do a quick check in—perhaps having them review the customer’s session and reach out with more specific assistance.

2. When a customer reaches a key product milestone, add them to a smart list for a drip campaign outlining the next steps in product education.

Often, product marketers use onboarding emails to communicate all of the information a user might need within the first few days or weeks of creating an account or purchasing a product. In reality, every user will onboard at their own pace. Ensuring they get the right guidance at the right time can make a big difference in product adoption and customer success.

Now, with, it’s possible to ‘listen’ for FullStory to register that a user has hit a product milestone. When they do, you can quickly add them to a smart list in Marketo that triggers the next set of onboard email(s).

3. When a customer doesn’t log in for some period of time, add them to a smart list for a re-engagement campaign and alert CSM.

If you’ve ever worked in customer success, you’ve likely experienced the following: You check in on a client or an account only to discover that they disengaged a few months before and your outreach is coming a bit too late.

With and FullStory, you'll know exactly when signals of disengagement happen (e.g. the customer is not logging in as often). When you receive those signals, you can alert the CSM, while also adding the customer to a smart list in Marketo that sends a re-engagement campaign.

See's FullStory connector in action

The possibilities for delivering exactly what prospects and customers need when they need it are almost endless thanks to the power and flexibility of the and FullStory platforms.

If you're ready to see how you can supercharge digital experience with automation, join’s live weekly group demo and see the Tray + FullStory integration in action.

Amy EllisFormer Partner Marketing Manager

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Amy Ellis was previously the Partner Marketing Manager at FullStory.

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