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See the light in your data: Introducing Conversions by Fullstory

Agata Bugaj
Posted September 10, 2019
See the light in your data: Introducing Conversions by Fullstory

Can you believe there was once a time when you didn’t have enough data?

Nowadays, whether it’s your business metrics, user analytics, user trends, user sessions, net promoter scores, or product KPIs, you’ve never had more data. You’re practically drowning in it.

Yet you still fight to find the insights you actually need.

Product leaders at eCommerce and SaaS Companies of all sizes have shared with us how they’ve struggled, knowing the insights they need are there in the data … if only they could find them:

“We have lots of data, but it’s a blessing and a curse … because we haven’t yet figured out how to use the data proactively instead of reactively.”  

“Most analytics tools can’t tell me why conversions dropped unless I’ve instrumented every possible reason as an event.”

“We've got a long list of issues—all problems we need to fix. However, we struggle to find a way to prioritize them. What's going to move the needle?”

Hearing comments like these we realized two things:

One, Fullstory is uniquely positioned to solve these kinds of problems. For our customers, we already store and organize all the digital experience data available. This data is comprehensive—second to none.

Two, having all the digital experience data can only get you so far: our customers still need a way to isolate the signal from the noise.

So we got to work. What if we could use machine learning to cut through the noise of all that data? What if Fullstory could take your desired outcomes—i.e. purchase completion, account creation, user onboarding—and then look for connections between those outcomes and the actual experiences of real users?

You know, have Fullstory find the answers in all that data for you.

We built Conversions by Fullstory to do just that. Now, Fullstory can analyze all your digital experience data, looking for the precise factors that correlate with users failing to achieve the outcomes you care about.

“Conversions makes it easier to distill user behavior insights and uncover the needle in the haystack we couldn’t always find!”

– Brit Tucker, Director of Product Management, Beautycounter

Our Conversions product is built to do the heavy lifting for you—to give you all the answers you need to move fast and take definitive action to improve your business.

Here's a 2-minute overview showing how Conversions works:

How Conversions by Fullstory Finds Answers For You

We know that your user flows, your most important metrics ... your business is unique. That’s why Conversions by Fullstory is fully customizable to find the answers you need.

Here’s how it works. You tell Fullstory what you care about—the funnels or flows, user cohorts, and time range—and Conversions will get to work looking at what real users do or don’t do along that path. Then, Conversions will highlight opportunities prioritized based on the severity of impact.

Conversions looks at frustration signals, performance impacts, and anything that's instrumented (like your Custom Events). You can edit Conversions however and whenever you want, so it’s easy to learn, iterate, and improve.

For each opportunity, Fullstory provides an Opportunity Analysis view. This report summarizes the problem, provides a Funnel Analysis that reveals where in the customer journey a problem is occurring, and important details about how affected users compare to unaffected users. It’s just what you need to know to understand when and how a problem actually impacts your business.

Above is the Opportunity Analysis, a report available for each issue found by Conversions. The Opportunity Analysis summarizes the problem while offering critical details about where the problem is occurring and how users are affected.

From what to why and back again

Knowing what to pay attention to will take you a long way. But if your site or app isn’t performing as expected—and customers are getting stuck at a critical step toward conversion—you need to know why.

Here, Conversions leverages the power of Fullstory’s session replay. Replay gives you the context you need to shift from knowing what’s important to knowing what to do about it. It's the “ground truth” that settles bets, builds consensus, and motivates action. You’ll find replay ready and waiting with every analysis in Conversions.

In a single place, our Conversions product shows you what happened and why—so you can confidently know exactly what to do next.

From the Opportunity Analysis, you can jump to Watch Sessions. There you’ll find the accompanying list of affected sessions, ready for replay, so that you can get all the context you need. In moments you’ll go from high-level quantitative analysis to the truth on the ground.

Move faster from friction to fixing

We know what product leaders need isn’t more data—it’s timely, powerful answers they can act on immediately and with confidence ... knowing they’re working on what’s most important for their business.

If you’re ready to take the leap from digital experience to digital smartsrequest a demo of Conversions by Fullstory today—it's now available in the enterprise edition of Fullstory.

We can’t wait to show it to you.

Agata BugajSVP, Product

About the author

Agata Bugaj serves as SVP of Product at Fullstory, where she’s building a world-class PM, Design, and Analytics team to support more perfect digital experiences.

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