Your days of guessing which optimizations will deliver the most conversions are over. Proactively illuminate problems in your digital experience and shine a light on revenue-impacting opportunities.


Identify issues impacting conversions.

Why don’t certain users make it through your carefully-crafted workflows, and how can their experience be improved? Conversions analyzes your user journeys step-by-step, giving you a comprehensive look at when, where, and why your customers take an unexpected turn.

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Discover a spectrum of Signals.

Dozens of factors impact your conversions, from slow pages and script errors to frustrating workflows and device-specific bugs. Conversions not only detects an array of these factors (which we call Signals) right out of the box, but also allows you to analyze the Custom Events that are most important to your business.


Prioritize fixes by greatest impact.

Even with total visibility into your digital experience issues, it can be difficult to know which fixes should be prioritized and which Signals are merely noise. FullStory identifies and ranks the Signals that correlate most strongly with funnel fallout—and impact your company’s bottom line—so your team can choose which issues to remediate right away.

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Don’t just believe. See.

Rally your team around improving digital experiences using data that’s not only reliable—it’s visual. FullStory connects your conversion analyses with session replays from real users, clearly showing your team how certain Signals affect key user journeys.

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Conversions makes it easier to distill user behavior insights and uncover the needle in the haystack we couldn’t always find!

Brit Tucker
Director of Product Management, Beautycounter
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Shine a light on your lost conversions today.