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4 ways Australia’s Endeavour Group enhances customer happiness with Fullstory

Matt Perkes
Posted June 09, 2023
4 ways Australia’s Endeavour Group enhances customer happiness with Fullstory

The customer experience happiness factor—or a user’s level of satisfaction—means different things to different organisations. But it’s crucial to a healthy digital experience. 

In a recent webinar, Fullstory customer Endeavor Group (EG)—an Australian brand with 28,000 employees and holdings that include websites, drink brands, hotels, and 1,600 stores—detailed how they used Fullstory to increase their CX happiness factor.

During the session, I chatted with EG CX and Experimentation Product Manager Anisha Anisha and retail marketing leader and consultant David Campbell talked about improving the customer journey, the importance of mobile-first, and more. 

4 ways Endeavour Group uses Fullstory to enhance their customer experience

1. Get an omnichannel view of the customer journey

The modern customer journey consists of multiple interactions across various touchpoints, from desktop to email to print displays. Fullstory helps EG connect the dots and design a more holistic digital experience. 

“We used to think of the customer experience in a very linear fashion—for example going from a homepage to a product detail page to the checkout cart,” says Anisha. “But we discovered that’s rarely how it actually works. Being able to use Fullstory in tandem with tools like Amperity and Adobe Analytics has allowed us to build a culture of experimentation by allowing us to test and act on our hypotheses.”

For Anisha and her team, capturing a customer’s in-store experience and marrying it with their digital profile is perhaps the biggest challenge to a comprehensive view of the customer journey.

Fullstory’s Server Side API integrations solve this challenge, allowing you to draw insights from data in third-party systems. Learn more about understanding the full digital customer experience with Server Side events.

2. Identify and fix unknown unknowns

Issues like slow page load speeds or a confusing menu structure are obvious sources of friction in the customer experience. But Fullstory can also help you recognise problems you didn’t think to test for—the “unknown unknowns.”

Most legacy systems rely on the user to know what they want to test for ahead of time. In many cases, a particular feature or functionality that you released on the website doesn’t render as you would've hoped. By capturing everything a user does, Fullstory helps you identify the untended consequences or hidden points of friction in the customer journey.

Plus, friction heuristics like Rage Clicks and dead clicks act as quantitative CX happiness metrics, rather than leaving it an abstract concept.

Is your digital brand falling victim to the “streetlight effect?” Here’s how to discover unknown unknowns using Fullstory’s autocapture capabilities.

3. Drive a mobile-first framework

According to Anisha, Fullstory was essential in helping EG refine its mobile strategy. 

“Early on, we were using a desktop site trying to fit into a mobile framework,” she says. “And when we launched a new version of the app, Fullstory was able to immediately identify significant issues with customers being able to set their delivery location, recorded as Rage Clicks.”

Anisha says the data and insights EG gained from Fullstory led the company to adopt a mobile-first architecture, and the their work paid off with an increase in monthly active users.

“Ultimately, our mission is to build a more sociable future together, and understanding our customers is the key,” says Anisha. “Fullstory’s insights help us deliver on that mission.”

Learn more about EG’s successes with Fullstory, including a 27% decrease in Rage Clicks.

4. Democratise the data

Too often, engineers or developers are the only ones who can digest important analytics data. With Fullstory, product, marketing, customer success, and sales teams can access important insights to drive improvements for their own initiatives.

What Fullstory really tries to do is lower the bar in terms of the technical acumen needed to consume the data. Unlike many platforms, it’s very easy for a non-technical user to be able to understand what insights they need to act upon.

What’s more, Fullstory’s Session Replay provides essentially a picture-perfect, high-fidelity recreation of the user journey exactly how they experienced it—for a direct look at a user’s digital experience.

Click here to watch the full webinar.

Matt PerkesRegional Vice President for Australia and New Zealand

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Matt Perkes is Fullstory's Regional Vice President for Australia and New Zealand.

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