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FullStory goes remote

Sarah Ulrich
Posted September 24, 2020
FullStory goes remote

Atlanta has always played a feature role in the FullStory story. From our earlier days on Castleberry Hill, Marietta Street and Armour Yards, to our current office on Peachtree Street, our Atlanta roots run deep. As a digital experience company with a mission to make the web better, you might even say that we were 404-found (😉).

As the FullStory product and customer base expanded over the years, we found ourselves asking if it made sense to restrict our growth to those that could be physically present in the office.

That question led us to the decision to start hiring distributed software engineers with deep, niche expertise and sellers with strong regional ties that could support an ever-growing customer base. Our guiding principle was (and is) to hire the best FullStorians we could find, wherever we could find them. We leaned on our Watchwords— empathy, clarity, and bionics— to support a culture that could scale remotely.

Fast forward to March 2020. When much of the world was thrust into an unfamiliar WFH/remote lifestyle, FullStory relied on the communication and collaboration muscles we’d already been cultivating.

At that point, 25% of our teammates were already distributed across 25 states and 3 countries. Those long-time remoters offered up all kinds of tips and tricks on how to best work from home, and we worked hard to provide resources to make the transition to WFH as smooth as possible.

We also got creative. In true FullStory fashion, when our virtual meetings were lacking in audience participation, a few engineers developed BWAMP, a web app that allows teammates to engage with virtual meetings through an interactive sound backdrop. (It’s also free and available for you to use too—check it out!)

We adapted well, but after six months of working remotely and so much uncertainty still ahead, we knew we needed to take a more long-term stance.

We want FullStory to be a place where people can grow and thrive. And a huge part of thriving is the ability to work from a location that sparks creativity, productivity, and joy. Some employees will crave being in an office, others will delight in avoiding a commute—but that decision should be up to each individual FullStorian. Even once the pandemic subsides, Atlanta-based FullStorians will now have a choice to work from home, from the office, or some blend of the two.

Our headquarters isn’t going anywhere. We continue to believe in the intrinsic value of people gathering together and the spontaneous, serendipitous in-person connections that result.

As it becomes safer to travel and gather in larger groups, FullStory HQ will serve as “home base” for regular team off-sites, aligning on what’s to come, and to “pop in” for connecting IRL. Atlanta will always be a leading character in our story, and the office will (once again) serve as an energizing place for folks to create and collaborate—but FullStory is and will be a world-class distributed company.

We’re ready and excited for the opportunities this brings.

Interested in joining the FullStory team? Check out our open positions.

Sarah UlrichPeople Operations Partner

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Sarah Ulrich is a People Operations Partner at FullStory. She's based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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