FullStory now integrates with Slack and Trello, plus other new features
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FullStory now integrates with Slack and Trello, plus other new features

Caitlin Brett
Posted July 29, 2015

We’re keeping the FullStory feature train rolling with four updates our customers have been clamoring for: Slack and Trello integrations, watched indicators for already-viewed sessions, and a helpful update to our time-based searches that allows you to choose units.

Slack and FullStory, integrated!

Slack, if you’re not already using it, is an intra-office chat application with tons of productivity-boosting features, such as the ability to instantly post animated GIFs from Giphy and create custom emojis of Mexican food items and/or your co-workers’ faces. (And some other useful things like file sharing, search, and threaded comments.)

As a FullStory customer, you may already be using our sharing and Highlights timeline features. But if you also wanted your noteable sessions to appear in the chat client you use for the rest of your company communication, you can do that! As long as it’s Slack! (At least for now, while we continue to expand our integrations library.)

Clicking on the link brings you directly to the FullStory session. Productivity to the max!

FullStory and Trello, integrated!

Our Trello integration is even cooler, if you can believe it.

Trello helps your team stay organized by building to-do lists and moving “cards” representing individual tasks through the lists as they reach different stages of completion.

Our integration allows you to choose a list where all shared FullStory sessions will begin. For example, we have an “Incoming notes” list just for this purpose. We then triage the notes into a more appropriate list, or move them into the Completed list as they’re taken care of.

To set up these new integrations, check out the full instructions in our new knowledge base: Slack and Trello.

Ask, and ye shall receive watched indicators.

We’ve all seemingly fallen into that trap of watching the same session over and over, by accident. There was no way to distinguish watched sessions from unwatched sessions. Totally our bad. Sorry.

But you requested it, so you’re getting watched indicators! Now, sessions you’ve already seen in FullStory will display an empty play logo, rather than a solid, color-filled one.

To see what I mean, we’ve created a handy-dandy visual guide:

60… what? Seconds? Hours? …weeks?

Usually we’re all about specificity, at FullStory. We pride ourselves on capturing every last little bit of data from a customer’s session so that you can ask the important questions, no matter how broad or detailed.

But up until now, we weren’t being very specific about units of time.

Our time-based searches, Total Active Time, Total Time, and Average Session Time, ended with a text box where you could type in a numeral of your choice. Any numeral. But we never said what that number represents.

If you spent some time messing around with the tool, you probably figured out the number was in seconds. So 60 = 60 seconds. You may have even discovered that 1:00 represented a minute, or 5:00:00 represented 5 hours. Or not, because we never documented that, anywhere on our site.

But, being the sticklers for specifics we are, we couldn’t let that slide any longer. Now you can select a unit of time from a drop-down menu, giving new meaning to your numeral.

Keeping the train rolling.

That’s all for this week’s feature roundup, but the updates are still coming out faster than you can say “FullStory is magic.” You may even see a few more search features and UI updates throughout the week, before I have the chance to introduce you to them in the next installment of the FullStory blog.

Are you planning on using the new integrations? Have you tried our time-based searches? Email caitlin@fullstory.com to tell us your stories, or tweet @fullstory.

Caitlin BrettFormer Copywriter

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