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6 ways to prepare for your next big sale or event using FullStory

Melanie Crissey
Posted November 11, 2019
6 ways to prepare for your next big sale or event using FullStory

Get Ready to Get the Most Out of Your High-Traffic Holidays and Launches

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Cyber Tuesday. Cyber Week. Free Shipping Day. Prime Day. Singles' Day. National Nachos Day ... Or your Product Hunt Launch Day!

Whether you're gearing up for the next major shopping holiday or preparing for your next product launch, anticipating a rush of traffic to your site can be fun and scary.

You've already done all the right things to optimize for your ideal customer experience. Maybe you're sitting in a code freeze or waiting for the right moment to start executing your launch plan. But, have you thought about how you're going to spend your workday during the joyful-hecticness?

We have 6 recommendations to help get your team ready ahead of time. Being prepared can make all the difference between frantic scrambling or stepping into the Zen of your ideal workflow.

Let's dive in to how you can ready your FullStory account ahead of your next high-volume event.

1. Check Your Recording Session Quota

The first step to guaranteeing a scramble-free day of FullStory fun: make sure your session recording quota is large enough to accommodate your holiday traffic.

Ever feel like you've got more relatives than guest rooms during the holidays? Unlike your home (which I'm guessing has a finite amount of space), FullStory is designed to handle an extremely high volume of visitors. You can make room to comfortably capture every session, so no one gets left out in the cold.

But—and this part's important—FullStory won't automatically record more than you purchased. Nobody likes a surprise overage fee. So if your account is currently setup to record a slow month’s traffic, you’ll want to raise your limits now.

Take a look at your plan under Settings > Subscription to see how many sessions you have left for the month, and if that doesn’t look like enough, feel free to edit your plan. If you have any questions about estimating the right quota for your holidays or launch, email a Hugger. Our Huggers can help connect you to the right place so you don't miss a beat during your mission-critical business days.

Take a look at your plan under Settings > Subscription to see how many sessions you have left for the month. If you need more sessions or if you have any questions about estimating the right quota for your holidays or launch, contact FullStory for help adjusting your limits. Between our helpful Huggers and the expert accounts team at FullStory, we can help adjust your headroom so you don't miss a beat during your mission-critical business days.

plan quota

2. Invite Your Co-workers and Enable Guest Seats for Your Domains

Great customer service is about empowering the people who work closest to your customers, and everybody benefits when there's a single digital source of truth for your customer experience.

Granting someone FullStory access is basically like gifting them with superpowers, and it's especially powerful for anyone who will be working an online help desk, debugging errors, or corresponding with customers on social media.

Get your whole team in on the fun!

Ahead of a big event like Cyber Monday, take a minute to make sure everyone on your team has the access they need to see sessions and segments in FullStory.

  • A standard seat works best for anyone who will want to use search, view trends, or triage technical problems.

  • A guest seat works great for partners who need to see individual session replays but don't need to (or shouldn’t have) access to the rest of the app.

Navigate to Settings > Team Settings and start giving out wings.

3. Create Saved Segments for Key Pages and Conversion Funnels

What's the one thing you want to see most during your big day? Hits to your homepage? People coming through a promo and completing a checkout? What about subscriptions to your service?

Whatever that thing is, you know (or at least have a very good guess) which audiences and user flows will matter most to follow in real time.

If you know the URL that will be live or the text on the button you'll want to watch, you can go ahead and build your FullStory segments and funnels ahead of time.

That way, when you're ready to rock and roll, you'll already have the most important customer sessions and conversion rates front-and-center.

And because FullStory stores and organizes all your digital experience data and makes it accessible via retroactive OmniSearch, you can build new segments on the fly for any user flows or questions that come up. That means no last-minute panic over forgetting to tag and track an element before the deploy.

Go ahead and build out your segments in FullStory, being sure to save them so they're just one click away. Fun and helpful emojis for rapidly spotting your favorite segments completely optional.

Not sure what segments to build first?

Start with the basics:

  • Visitors in your most important 

  • Error clicks on any key pages

  • Mobile customers

Want even more robust analysis abilities for your most important funnels? Conversions by FullStory can show you the top opportunities to improve conversion rates for any funnel. Learn more about Conversions or get a demo to see it in action.

4. Practice Your "Report a Bug" Triage Workflow

With more traffic on your site than usual, it's inevitable that something will break down. Whether it's a third-party script slowing things down, a weird edge-case rendering problem on a popular mobile device, or a broken button on your checkout page, the key is to prepare for the unknown and know exactly how you'll respond when it happens.

Luckily, FullStory makes it easy to keep your debugging process tight.

With the "Report a bug" feature in FullStory, you can share sessions and important details for debugging with anyone on your team, which massively cuts down on the amount of time you'd normally spend reproducing a problem someone reported.

In FullStory you can grab session metadata to pass on to whoever needs it, even if you haven't set up an integration with your bug tracking tool.

When errors do happen, the FullStory Console captures them. You can even use Dev Tools to inspect the Network activity and request-level details.

Here's what to do:

  • Make sure you have FullStory integrated with your other key apps like Slack or JIRA.

  • Check that you've got FullStory Dev Tools running (you can start a 14-day trial from the app!)

  • Watch a session and use the "Share & Note" feature to create a Note. Click "Report a bug" on your Note to practice sending that Note into your system for triage. (You can even copy/paste session metadata)

  • Work with your team to confirm that they received the FullStory sessions and debugging details and that they're able to see exactly what you reported.

How fast can you go from catching a bug to releasing a hotfix?

Test it out and get a sense for how quickly you'll be able to turn around issues when they're reported.

5. Practice Your "Find a Session for a Specific Customer" Workflow

Frustrated Customer: "It's broken."
Support: "What's broken?"
Frustrated Customer: "The button."
Support: "Which button?"
Frustrated Customer: "The button on this page."
Support: "Which page are you viewing?"

When a customer's in a frustrating situation, the last thing you want to do is get caught in a painful back-and-forth asking them to do the work of providing the context you need to understand and fix the issue.

Imagine if you could flip the conversation:

Your Frustrated Customer: "It's broken."
Support: "You're right! I can see that it looks like you ran into an issue. We've already reported this bug and we're working on a fix. In the meantime, here's how I can help you…"

With FullStory session links integrated into your help desk or live chat software, you can easily be one click away from a customer's session. If they’re still online, Go Live can give you all the context you need to deliver exceptional service.

Set yourself up for service success and make sure that your customer-facing team has exactly what they need to lookup customer issues.

With integration between FullStory and your help desk or live chat software, empowering your support professionals with the context they need to rapidly solve customer problems is as easy as pressing play on the FullStory session recording.

Here's what to do:

6. Schedule Time to Celebrate Your Wins! 🎉

Big sales and launch days can be jittery, but they don't have to be doom and gloom. It's important to schedule some time to review the highlights and rejoice when your hard work yields great customer experience results.

Here are a couple of ideas for making the most of the moment:

  • Schedule a "Game Film" session

  • Create a channel or feed to share positive findings with your organization; a little dopamine drip of happy customer sessions can help balance out the edginess of a high-pressure business day, and it's the perfect place to give some shoutouts to your teammates, too.

Slack channels are a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page during your biggest promotions and events.

Win Your Day

Whether you're shipping a new feature or millions of orders to customers worldwide, a high-traffic holiday should be something to enjoy. It's in those milestone moments that we stand to learn the most about our customer experience and get energized to make it better in the future.

With FullStory set-up right and right at your side, you'll be ready for anything. Go get 'em.

Melanie CrisseyFormer Product Marketing Manager

About the author

Melanie Crissey was previously a Product Marketing Manager at FullStory.

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