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How Digital Experience Intelligence supercharges your tech stack

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Posted September 10, 2021
How Digital Experience Intelligence supercharges your tech stack

We’ve all been there. You notice something interesting in the data surfaced in an analytics tool your product team uses. You want to investigate further, share it with other teams, and ideally, identify the root cause.

However, your efforts are riddled with challenges—other teams can’t access the tools you’re using, the data doesn’t match other systems, or the data you’re trying to compare isn’t apples-to-apples with other analyses.

Unsurprisingly, siloed data is a particularly acute pain for siloed teams. Having data that isn’t accessible across teams or systems causes confusion and frustration, leaving users with more questions than reliable answers.

To avoid the pitfalls of siloed data, choose and rely on platforms that integrate with one another. That way, your teams have a single source of truth to follow, and collaboration is encouraged, not stifled.

With complete DX data, pixel-perfect session recreation, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with popular tools, leading Digital Experience Intelligence platforms serve as that single source of truth for organizations. Look for DXI solutions that offer a robust library of out-of-the-box integrations and open APIs to help build a best-in-class tech stack—making  your apps smarter, your critical workflows snappier, and your teams more flexible and productive. 

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4 ways DXI adds agility to your technology toolkit

Simplify sharing

Look for a DXI solution that streamlines your communications, not complicates them. Platforms that offer off-the-shelf integrations with team collaboration tools like Slack, Trello, and JIRA make cross-functional collaboration painless—especially for dispersed teams.

More importantly, this capability gives your teams a common language to use around digital experience data. 

Integrate with your tech stack

All teams have those tried and true tools they use in daily workflows—and it’s likely that individual team members have their personal favorites from among these tools. Adding or replacing software in your tech stack can slow productivity and bottleneck adoption. 

Avoid these hurdles by choosing a DXI solution that supplements your tech stack with an expanding network of out-of-the-box integrations, or even allows you to customize integrations via Webhooks or JavaScript and HTTP APIs.

Additionally, a DXI platform that connects with popular iPaaS solutions (such as, Workato, and Zapier) will allow you to streamline automation, successfully scale your tech stack, and maintain smoother processes.

Export digital experience data

Once you’ve successfully broken down your DX data silos, you can harness the power of Digital Experience Intelligence to amplify your business intelligence data. Export and layer DXI interaction datasets to your existing data to elevate your analyses.

Your business intelligence practices will become even more meaningful with the addition of trusted, complete digital experience data from DXI.

Tap into your data layer

Adding DXI to your tech stack doesn’t mean you’ll need to completely overhaul current processes, reporting capabilities, or custom events your team has invested time in tracking. Instead, look for a DXI solution with the ability to ingest common data layer attributes across analytics platforms, such as Adobe Analytics and Google Tag Manager. That way, you can automatically access the data collected in your data layer in your DXI platform.

With a tech stack turbocharged by DXI, your team can rely on next-level tools to work smarter, not harder. 

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