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Jane looks to FullStory to fashion a seamless online experience

Jordan Woods
Posted February 27, 2019
Jane looks to FullStory to fashion a seamless online experience

How's eCommerce team uses FullStory to understand and improve the customer experience online. is a daily deal marketplace that gives boutiques and small businesses a unique platform for showcasing their brands to an attentive and loyal audience, while giving fashion-conscious consumers the chance to discover upscale clothing, stylish decor, and other high-end products they'll love at low prices.

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Offering savings of up to 80% on more than 250 items a day, it's clear that Jane is serious about making online boutique shopping affordable and fun. What's also clear is just how serious they are about creating a customer experience as delightful and sophisticated as the goods they sell. A steadfast desire to elevate this experience is the common thread woven through the very fabric of their organization.

We wanted to be able to understand a deeper level of the behaviors on how people were using Jane.
—Colby Bell
Product Manager, Jane

Product designer Adam Christiansen echoes Colby's sentiments. "We needed to see what the customer's experience was from end to end," he says. "We wanted to understand what's tripping people up, what's taking longer, what's moving quickly, and be able to really identify the pain points in their experience."

When the Jane product team began using FullStory, they knew they had found the platform that would help them tailor the experience of using to fit their customers just right.

All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go

Before the Jane product team discovered FullStory, their determination to make the customer experience as smooth as possible was hindered by the uncertainty of knowing exactly which steps to take. "There were a lot of assumptions when trying to figure out exactly what to build [or fix] next," product manager Colby Bell says.

Without an efficient and cost-effective way to see exactly how real customers navigated through Jane, employees had to rely on anecdotal evidence from family and friends who visited the site, or they were forced to wade through the pitfalls of traditional user testing.

"Prior to FullStory, we invested a lot of time and resources on getting surveys out, trying to schedule appointments, getting recordings in place, and nine times out of 10 there would be a no-show. All that time and resources was kind of a sunk cost," describes product manager McCall Smith.

Assumptions Are Out of Style; Answers Are In Vogue

But now, with FullStory's help, the Jane team can systematically and quickly make sure their customer experience is runway-ready.

Gone are the assumptions, second guesses, and inefficient research methods. In their place are the deeper-level insights and solutions that come from being able to watch visual re-creations of every user interaction on their site.

Now when the team investigates a specific issue or workflow, all they have to do is use FullStory's industry-leading search capabilities to find the exact user sessions based on whatever criteria they want that match their criteria and watch them unfold in all their first-person glory. Whether it's sessions with abandoned carts or broken purchase funnels, they see everything the customer experienced on Jane—from the user's perspective—and are able to quickly troubleshoot, prioritize, and strategize ways to make the customer experience better.

Pass the Word: FullStory Helps Optimize Everything

Recently, Jane wanted to investigate its password reset workflow to see if it met their exacting standards for an effortless customer experience. What's this workflow really like for the customers who go through it? How many customers encounter a problem during the process?

FullStory quickly shed light on the situation. Replaying the sessions of users who initiated a password reset helped the Jane team decide which optimizations needed to be made and how much of a priority they should be. "[FullStory] exposes in a really short amount of time, oh yeah, we're clearly having issues with these problems, [and] we can verify hypotheses super quick before we spend too much resources or time," Smith confides.

Any eCommerce company really should have this type of technology. If they don't, they're missing out on a huge opportunity to optimize, to better their platform, to keep in touch with their customers, and to provide that feedback loop real-time with visual representation of exactly what the user is seeing. It's critical.
—Jason Mitchell
Senior Product Manager, Jane

Jane and FullStory

See and hear what Jane has to say about FullStory below:

High-End Digital Experiences Await

Elegant. Tasteful. Smart. We're proud to help deliver a digital experience that's perfectly attuned to the customers who love their products.

Does your business need a clearer, more accurate understanding of what customers go through on your website? Schedule a demo and learn how FullStory can help you gain immediate clarity on what your next optimizations should be.

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