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With Segment install FullStory with the flip of a switch

Scott Voigt
Posted December 09, 2015
With Segment install FullStory with the flip of a switch

At FullStory, we value providing you information about your users as quickly and easily as possible. Today, we are making it even easier to start learning about your users by partnering with Segment. As a Segment customer, you simply need to click a button to go live with FullStory.

If you’re not a current Segment customer, you may be wondering what they do. Segment is a customer data hub. That means they collect the interaction data from your site, mobile app, smartwatch app, whatever, then transform and send it along to awesome services you use automatically.

You just install Segment once, send them necessary customer data events like “Signed Up” and “Completed Order,” then flip a switch to integrate new tools. Then, to integrate FullStory, all you have to do is toggle us “on” in the Segment control panel, include your credentials, and hit “save.” Segment will make sure we get your data in the right format, so you can start using it to gain effective insight into your customer experience.


FullStory gathers information on everything a user does in your website or web app. And yes, we mean everything. Doing so creates a rich set of information about your customers and what they do. We know that this data can also be enriched with context. Knowing if a user is highly engaged with new features or how much revenue they have helped generate creates a powerful integrated story. You can use such a system to determine support priorities, effectively build new features, and learn how high-value potential customers experience your product. It’s better than building a custom tool that digs through event logs, your CRM, and your accounting system, trust us trust these guys.

Segment makes that type of integration painless. To get started today, sign up for Segment and check out their (super simple) FullStory setup instructions and our (also super simple) Segment setup instructions.

Scott VoigtFounder & CEO

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Scott Voigt is the Founder and CEO of FullStory. He is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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