WayUp: Solving problems faster and increasing user satisfaction

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companies have partnered with WayUp to date.
3.5 Million+
students and recent graduates have joined WayUp since it launched in September 2014
1 in 3
people who apply for a job on WayUp get hired on WayUp
colleges and universities have users on WayUp

About WayUp

WayUp is the leading job marketplace exclusively for U.S. college students and recent grads. Founded in July 2014, WayUp is a venture-backed startup based in NYC that has raised nearly $30M, and was named by CNN as one of the 30 most innovative companies changing the world. WayUp&squot;s 3.5 million users represent over 6,300 campuses in the U.S., and WayUp has worked with companies of all sizes – from startups to Fortune 500&squot;s like Google, Starbucks and Disney.

The Challenge

Helping millions of people get hired is no easy feat.

With tens of thousands of users joining WayUp each week, the challenge of ensuring each of them has an excellent experience is an ongoing effort.

Alyssa Ciorciari manages all user support for WayUp’s millions of students and recent grads. She communicates with WayUp’s users through Help Scout, and helps them with everything from completing their professional profiles, to navigating filters on WayUp’s job feed, and more.

"Our users come to me with a myriad of requests and issues. I want to make sure to save them time and solve for their problem as quickly as possible, without a hassle." explains Alyssa.

The Solution

When JJ, Co-Founder and CTO of WayUp found FullStory, he knew this would dramatically change the way user support is handled. Not only did the platform provide that much-needed context, it was also a breeze for the team to implement.

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"It was so easy to onboard" he said. “I didn’t have to waste time thinking How will we use this? How will we set it up? Will the time spent be worth it? It was just the process of flipping a switch and turning it on” explains JJ.

There are so many bugs or usability problems we’ve fixed that we only saw because of FullStory.

Today, Alyssa uses FullStory to help answer user support tickets. "Sometimes, our users are having an issue on the platform, and can’t articulate it" she explains. “Rather than frustrate them with the back and forth conversation, I can figure out really quickly what is going on by watching a FullStory, and solve their issue quickly.”

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In addition to helping with day-to-day support tickets, the product has also allowed her to truly delight users as well.

"A few months ago, we had a bug on one of our job cards. A user was applying to a job, and every time she pressed submit, nothing happened" she explained. “This student was frustrated that she had spent time crafting thoughtful application answers, and they were lost because of a bug on our end.”

Alyssa used FullStory to watch what the candidate had written in her application, and retyped her answers. Alyssa was able to then submit the application on the backend of the platform on behalf of the user. "She was so appreciative" said Alyssa. “I saved her so much time and frustration because I was able to use technology to recover her application. It was worth the time transcribing!”

The Result

The user support team at WayUp constantly uses Fullstory to help fix problems, and delight users. The tool has become so integral to user support, that the company also started using it to help with customer support as well.

Shirley Siu, an account manager on the sales team explained that she also uses FullStory to solve issues for WayUp’s clients. "It really helps us get a better understanding of what the customer issue is without having to trouble-shoot."

Between empowering the user support team to proactively improve users’ experience, and acting as a failsafe for other departments, JJ views FullStory as "undoubtedly necessary for day-to-day operations."

"Once we saw the first few stories come in, we just got how valuable it is to have video recordings to assist our users," he said. “We haven’t stopped using it since.”