Spark Awards

Have you ever used a website, software, or mobile app and thought, “Wow, that was quick and easy”? The Spark Awards is your opportunity to celebrate those pioneers who’ve created those superior digital experiences.


DXI Innovation Award


For driving innovation using DXI, converting insights into action in new and creative ways to deliver real value to their customers and organizations

Experience Maker of the Year

Mikey Wey (Project44)

For her unrivaled command of FullStory's DXI features and capabilities, which she's used to serve teammates and customers with digital insights

Mobile DXI Vision Award


For their vision and long-term strategy to future-proof digital experience by expanding into native mobile applications

DXI Rookie of the Year

Rachel Shelby (MailChimp)

For starting her DXI journey with notable focus and intent, delivering the insights and improvements you would expect from a more seasoned practitioner

DXI Trailblazer Award

Lars Wiedenhoefer (DailyPay)

For his contribution to the growth of DXI as a category–inspiring his teammates, organizations, and even competitors to improve the ways they deliver great digital experiences

FullStory Insight Award

Israel Bautista (Mouser Electronics)

This is a unique award as it is largely data-driven from within FullStory. We analyzed tens of thousands of FullStory users across several criteria to find the one with the most impressive combination of breadth and depth of FullStory usage