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Consumer survey: 4 important findings for Australian companies

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Posted March 03, 2023
Consumer survey: 4 important findings for Australian companies

In 2021, Australians spent a record $62.3 billion online—a number that’s expected to double by 2026. The pressure is on to offer a digital experience that can keep up with the predicted ecommerce boom. 

According to FullStory’s new consumer survey, over 69% of Australian consumers say they’re likely to leave without completing their transaction when they encounter a digital experience problem or frustration—higher than the global average of 64%.

For online businesses, now is the time to find and fix the DX issues that are causing friction, abandonment, and ultimately, lost revenue. 

Get the complete findings from the global consumers survey here. 

How Australian companies can build and maintain healthy relationships with shoppers

1. Consumer loyalty takes on new meaning in 2023

Almost half (46%) of Australian consumers surveyed say they don’t care where they transact online, as long as it works—just higher than the global average of 44%. This tells us that consumers are more loyal to great digital experiences than they are to brands they love or businesses where they’ve shopped before; brands can’t afford to make mistakes, for fear of losing a customer forever. 

To take things a step further, 58% of Australian respondents are unlikely to return to a business that has provided a poor digital experience in the past. 

2. Speed and simplicity are the name of the game

Above all, Australian consumers want to be able to complete their online transactions quickly and without hassle.

Four in five (82%) respondents say that the most important factor of a great digital experience is the ability to quickly accomplish what they came to do. This is slightly higher than the global average of 77%. 

Flawless digital experiences are so important that many Australian consumers would actually be willing to pay more for them. An impressive 47% of respondents would be willing to pay more to ensure a perfect digital experience. Exactly how much more? 

  • 7% would be willing to pay 25% more

  • 16% would be willing to pay 15% more

  • 24% would be willing to pay 5% more

3. Small issues can cause big frustration 

When it comes to frustrating experiences, Australian consumers voiced a handful of specific objections:

  • Slow page load times are the top culprit for digital frustrations: 74% of Australian respondents cited this as the most frustrating issue to encounter when transacting online.

  • In that same vein, 63% say that page load errors (like 404s or a spinning wheel) are highly frustrating. 

  • Dead links or buttons and broken forms round out the most frustrating DX issues, with at least 40% of respondents citing them as their top digital annoyances. 

But if no one’s reporting these issues, your site or app probably doesn’t have them, right? Sadly, this is untrue. Only 38% of respondents say they will tell a business when they encounter a digital frustration. Consumers are far more likely to simply leave and never return. 

This is why savvy businesses look to their customers’ behaviour, rather than relying solely on the tickets that come through support. Of Australian respondents, 68% say they’ve Rage Clicked on a digital issue. Organisations that use Digital Experience Intelligence to monitor frustration signals like Rage Clicks can identify and remedy the DX issues that lead to friction and abandonment in their sites or apps. 

4. Economic uncertainty still looms large

The survey revealed that consumers around the globe are being more careful about their spending because of current economic headwinds—and Australia is no exception. Here are the main areas where Australian consumers are cutting back on their spending in 2023, and how the numbers compare to global consumers overall:


If your online business isn’t offering a digital experience that makes transactions quick and painless, you could be losing both old and new visitors. Consumers want a seamless digital experience so badly that nearly half are actually willing to pay more for it, even in an uncertain economy. 

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