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How Travel + Leisure Co. supports its “customer obsession” with digital analytics from FullStory and Qualtrics

Madison Eubanks
Posted May 13, 2021
How Travel + Leisure Co. supports its “customer obsession” with digital analytics from FullStory and Qualtrics

On-demand webinar: Decoding the digital customer experience for travel and hospitality

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The digital experience intelligence unearthed by FullStory is rich and incredibly valuable–and can be made even more so when integrated with complementary software solutions from FullStory’s partner ecosystem. 

By pairing FullStory and Qualtrics, an experience management (XM) platform, Travel + Leisure Co. (formerly Wyndham Destinations) combines digital feedback with behavioral patterns and cues to surface new insights and address emerging challenges before they negatively impact sales and satisfaction. 

FullStory enables digital professionals like those at Travel + Leisure Co. to understand and improve their digital products and experiences based on precise insights into what customers are doing–and why–on websites and mobile apps. 

When partnered, FullStory’s real-time behavioral data, AI-driven heuristics, and session replay are tightly integrated with Qualtrics’ XM insights to provide a more comprehensive understanding of customers and how they respond to digital experiences. Predictive models, automated workflows, and collaboration tools ensure that brands can act quickly to transform this combined data into customer-centric experience improvements that drive growth. 

Kevin T. McAuliffe, VP of Digital Transformation and Delivery at Travel + Leisure Co., joined us for a webinar, Decoding the Digital Experience for Travel and Hospitality, which can be accessed on-demand. The interactive discussion explores how Travel + Leisure Co. navigated the challenges of the previous year, using XM and DX insights to rapidly adjust its approach to digital experience management over multiple touch points, journeys, and channels.

“As we enhance our digital footprint, our priority is customer obsession,” said McAuliffe. “We need to understand how our customers use what we are building and how they actually consume a digital experience. Digital analytics allow us to understand perception and behavior together so we have our eyes wide open about the customer journey and can make the best decisions about where to spend effort and capital.” 

Teams throughout an organization can take advantage of the insights gained through the FullStory and Qualtrics integration. DX and UX teams can systematically match customer sentiment and perception with specific user sessions to rapidly pinpoint, scope, and solve emerging problems that are out of reach of traditional analytics tools. Marketing teams can closely manage the digital customer experience by taking advantage of predictive insights and automated workflows to impact customer decision-making and influence the customer journey. Developers and engineers can pair business-level insights and visualizations with back-end network and console information to understand issues, prioritize fixes, remediate bugs, and measure the impact of those changes. 

For example, Travel + Leisure Co. product managers have been able to take a pulse on irregularities in digital implementations and use FullStory to understand which issues are one-offs and which are ongoing trends that need to be prioritized and addressed. 

“Just like successful face-to-face communication requires interpreting both verbal and nonverbal cues, a complete understanding of the full customer experience requires brands to understand and act on both ‘spoken’ and ‘unspoken’ digital cues and signals,” said Agata Bugaj, VP of Product at FullStory. “Together, Qualtrics and FullStory not only provide this unified understanding—including important signals like Rage Clicks—but also the ability to quickly take action to improve every aspect of the digital experience.”

To watch the on-demand webinar with FullStory, Qualtrics, and Travel + Leisure Co., click here

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