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How Endeavour Group uses FullStory to amplify the omnichannel customer experience

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Posted October 27, 2022
How Endeavour Group uses FullStory to amplify the omnichannel customer experience

As Australia’s leading retail drinks and hospitality business, Endeavour Group aims to give customers a delightful experience every time they visit—digitally or IRL. 

Through its portfolio of beverage and hospitality brands including BWS, Dan Murphy's, and Jimmy Brings, Endeavour reaches customers through many different touchpoints including websites, mobile sites, storefronts, hotels, casinos, deliveries, and more. Because of this, it’s important for Endeavour to be able to measure and understand the omnichannel customer experience—which is why they turned to FullStory’s Digital Experience Intelligence

Alongside the National Online Retail Association (NORA), we sat down with Anisha Anisha, CX Product Manager at Endeavour Group, for a webinar Q&A about how they’re using FullStory to create exceptional customer experience across their family of brands. Let’s get started.

Watch the recording of the full webinar with Endeavour Group here. 

Q: What problem(s) was Endeavour looking to solve with Digital Experience Intelligence? 

Though Endeavour had been using a traditional product analytics tool to monitor their web experiences, they wanted to find a way to look deeper into the digital customer journey. 

“Before FullStory, we were really good at quantitative data, but every now and then we’d see a metric drop off—like a sharp decline in homepage visitors, for example—and we couldn’t answer those questions with just numbers,” says Anisha. “That’s why we started this journey of qualitative data through DXI.” 

Additionally, Endeavour is using DXI to gain a more holistic view of the digital customer experience across devices and touchpoints. 

“Businesses tend to think of the customer journey as linear—but that’s not really how it works,” says Anisha. “FullStory lets us visualize how customers go from the site to the app, where they ended up, if they made a purchase, and so on, regardless of what order they did those things in.” 

Q: What were some of the key things you discovered after implementing FullStory? 

“Before FullStory we had been spending all this time trying to solve “big” problems—like how to have a fancy checkout process,” Anisha says. “But what surprised me most when we started digging into the DX data was that we were missing some of the basic things, like ensuring our site speed was good or that the Add to Cart buttons work.” 

Q: What differences have you found between FullStory and more traditional product analytics tools? 

One of the key benefits of FullStory for Endeavour is the ability to autocapture all of your DX data across sites, apps, devices, and brands. 

“With product analytics, when you start digging deeper into the data to answer a question, you eventually hit a dead end—either because the data you need wasn’t tagged or because you lack the qualitative information,” says Anisha. “With FullStory, you can dig as deeply as you need to and see exactly what a user did without having to have set up tags months before.” 

Q: How does FullStory fit into the day-to-day work at Endeavour? 

With a network of out-of-the-box integrations and use cases across departments, FullStory is designed to help break down data silos and fit into your existing workflows. 

“Sometimes when you onboard a new robust tool, you struggle with adoption, but we really wanted everyone to be on board with FullStory,” says Anisha. “We’ve integrated FullStory with Medallia, Jira, and Slack so that it fits into our workflows instead of being isolated. This strategy has really helped with adoption and now we have FullStory users all over the organization.” 

Q: Can you give an example of something you’ve discovered in your digital experience with FullStory? 

“Recently we launched a new version of one of our apps, and noticed that very few people were setting up their delivery store and that there was a 13% decline in Add to Carts,” says Anisha. “Immediately we went to FullStory and saw that Rage Clicks on that page were skyrocketing on the Delivery button. We were able to diagnose and fix the issue quickly—which immediately improved our Add to Cart rates and saved us a lot of revenue.” 

Q: Anything else to add? 

“Our Number One priority is putting customers first—which means making sure we have clean data that we can use to drive actionable insights. FullStory gives us that ability,” says Anisha. 

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