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FullStory boosts support team efficiency 57%

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Posted February 28, 2017
FullStory boosts support team efficiency 57%

This article was updated in November 2021.

Every once in a while, a story comes along from a FullStory user—with incredible quotes and impressive growth statistics—that is too good to stash away.

At the same time, life can get in the way. As it turns out, we can’t mention them by name in this article. But that doesn’t make their story any less impressive.

Keep reading to learn the quick story of John, the member services manager for a high-tech payments company, and his experiences moving his team to Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI).

(Spoiler alert: his support team got 57% more efficient at their work from FullStory!)

When the right tool aligns with the right team

As the member services manager for a high-tech payments company, John’s job blends process improvement, quality control, and collaboration with the executive team, along with the day-to-day duties of a support agent.

When John discovered that his team was struggling to understand customers’ indecipherable questions or comments, he started looking for tools that would help them understand what exactly the customer had been doing before they wrote in.

In essence, John knew the quantitative—people were struggling with certain aspects of his company’s website. He wanted to know the qualitative.

John notes:

“We were giving our customers basic troubleshooting instructions like, ‘Can you please provide me a screenshot of your issue,’ to which our customers would respond, ‘I don’t know how to do that.’”

For a company of his size—and one that prides itself on its efficient technology—something had to pivot.

John’s predecessor advised him to use a traditional analytics application, but it wasn’t quite the right tool for the job:

“The information was just dots and lines. I’m not a developer and don’t know what all these events map to. It wasn’t what we needed in the support channel. We needed something visual.”

John found FullStory’s DXI solution as the perfect tool for the job.

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One-touch resolutions increased by 57%

After discovering FullStory, John realized his team could capture his customers’ experiences without having them download any tools or take any screenshots. What more, he could also easily integrate FullStory with Olark, his team’s in-app chat software of choice.

Once FullStory was implemented, the support team saw their number of one-touch resolutions — tickets solved with a single response — rise from around 50% to 88%.

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Such a dramatic increase in efficiency doesn’t just mean improved customer satisfaction (customers don’t want long back-and-forth email chains just to have their problems solved), it means time saved by support reps and more customers helped.

Solve issues with evidence, not assumptions.

When key stakeholders at John’s high-tech payments company request customer support metrics—even on a weekly basis—John is happy to provide them, particularly when they’re showing positive trends.

But simplistic, quantitative line graphs can paint over nuanced details — like the individual customer experience issues that can only be surfaced by the support team.

“An important design or engineering issue may not yet have been brought up by another team — just because they haven’t noticed it yet or because they may be testing in a particular way that didn’t take into consideration this other usage case that the customers found on their own.”

In one case, John’s support team noticed a large segment of customers who unsuccessfully attempted to add a card to the payment system. In conversations with the product team, the working assumption was that those customers were simply entering their info incorrectly. Or the card was failing to validate on the bank’s side. These assumptions left the product team at a loss for what to do.

But with FullStory, John’s team didn’t need to rely on assumptions. Looking at FullStory session playback, John discovered that the working assumptions were incorrect: “In reality, our users weren’t seeing the blue, left-hand Submit button and were instead clicking the right-hand button to close the drawer.”

Armed with evidence — video cases through FullStory plus issues reported weekly — John was able to easily convince the design team to make a change.

Qualitative plus quantitative equals effectiveness

Significant efficiency gains for their support team and evidence-based product management are but two of the benefits John realized at his company once FullStory was put to work.

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