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Introducing the FullStory Community

The FullStory Team
Posted October 18, 2022
Introducing the FullStory Community

Exceptional digital experiences come in all shapes and sizes. One thing they have in common? They put humans at the center—focusing on real users’ needs, wants, and struggles. At FullStory, we’re focused on empowering the people whose job it is to make better digital experiences for everyone–sharing knowledge, fostering connections, and problem-solving together. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce that the FullStory Community is here, and all users are invited to join. This new global forum is designed with you in mind—it’s a dedicated place to share ideas, ask questions, and exchange best practices with other FullStory users. 

In the Community, you can: 

  • Discuss FAQs with peers from around the world

  • Earn badges for sharing insights and ideas

  • Explore new ways to use digital experience data

  • Network with product managers, developers, UX pros, and other digital experience experts

  • Access exclusive alpha and beta testing opportunities

  • Keep up with product releases

  • And more! 

Curious to learn more? Keep reading for details on what you’ll find in the Community, why we created it, and how to join. 

Why start a community? 

In short: for you! One of the most common questions our customer success team hears from users is, “How are other people like me doing this?” Knowing that one of our most valuable resources for users is other users, we created the FullStory Community to build connections, level up your knowledge and usage of the platform, quickly get support, and get better at digital experience-building together. 

What you’ll find in the FullStory Community 

Resources for DXI success

The Community houses all of the materials you need to be successful with FullStory. Not only can members search across all FullStory resources, they can also participate in skill-building discussions, join product Q&A sessions, and access exclusive tips and tricks. 

Plus, members can earn badges and climb the ranks by contributing to the discussions and resources in the Community. 

Find your people

One of the best things about FullStory is that its DXI insights benefit many different teams at organizations across industries—from SaaS marketers and developers to ecommerce support pros and product managers (and more). This means that Community members come from a range of backgrounds and experiences. No matter your role in the digital experience realm, you’ll find valuable connections in the FullStory Community. 

Events and user groups 

Community members can hone their craft by joining the events and subgroups most relevant to their needs and use cases. For example, the How to Build Dashboards event series will teach you how to build the best Dashboard for your specific role. 

Early testing opportunities

Business and Enterprise plan members have access to exclusive alpha and beta testing opportunities—a chance to gain early access to the latest features and share feedback on the product roadmap directly with FullStory product managers. 

And this is just the start! Our team is looking forward to working with members to grow and evolve the Community based on your needs, wants, and feedback. 

How to get started

Sound exciting? Here’s how to join the FullStory Community right now: 

  1. Sign in: Use your FullStory credentials to log in to 

  2. Introduce yourself: Stop by the Introductions thread to say hi! 

  3. Ask (or answer) a question: Let us know what challenges are currently top-of-mind for you, post one of your burning questions about using FullStory, or help other members by offering a best practice. 

  4. Subscribe to updates: Click “subscribe” on the Product Updates page to receive an email when we announce a new feature. 

  5. Explore testing opportunities: Visit the Product Lounge to sign up for exclusive alpha and beta testing opportunities. (Note: This is only for Business and Enterprise users.) 

We’ll see you there! Join now. 

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