We built a FullStory + Olark integration
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We built a FullStory + Olark integration

Caitlin Brett
Posted May 27, 2015

Here at FullStory, we’re all about bringing happiness to customers as efficiently as possible. So it was only natural that we would build a new integration with Olark, a live chat support tool for your website. With Olark, customers can chat up your sales and support teams in real time, letting you provide solutions as fast as your fingers can type.

When you add the FullStory integration, every new chat begins with a link to the customer’s FullStory session. See what they’ve been browsing or pinpoint their technical issues, then amaze your customers by using your psychic-like intuition to solve their problem at the speed of chat!

To get started, sign up for Olark (if you haven’t already) and install their script on your site. Then log in to FullStory, navigate to Account > Integrations & API Keys, and toggle on Olark.

(Yep, that’s really it! Didn’t we say FullStory is all about efficiency?)

Now that you’re harnessing the power of Olark + FullStory, your customer’s session will be linked at the top of every new chat window. Happy chatting!

If you have an idea for a cool FullStory integration, email us at support@fullstory.com.

Caitlin BrettFormer Copywriter

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Caitlin Brett was previously a Copywriter at FullStory.

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