3 Myths Holding Back ROI for Digital Channels: A Gartner® Report

3 Myths Holding Back ROI for Digital Channels: A Gartner® Report

Escape the cycle: Use digital channels as growth drivers

A report from Gartner found that, “FS [Financial services] leaders are stuck in a cycle where they constantly have to invest more and more of their budgets in digital experience technology, but expect less and less from that investment.” 

The financial services industry has largely relied on a strategy wherein digital channels are optimized for everyday interactions, and complex transactions and sales motions are almost exclusively conducted in-person. FS leaders see the in-person customer experience—not the digital experience—as the competitive differentiator. 

The necessity of operating this way, as explained in this report, is a myth. Research from the Gartner report shows that “when customers receive a contextualized digital experience, the percentage of revenue-positive interactions increases significantly.”

Access your copy of this critical report from Gartner to learn:

  • Why over 60% of financial services leaders expect their digital strategies to only have a low or moderate impact on business outcomes

  • How FS leaders can overcome the “digital wall” where investments in digital channels are not generating significant returns

  • The three myths that are driving the divide between digital and in-person value for financial service institutions

Disclaimer: Gartner, 3 Myths Holding Back ROI for Digital Channels, Financial Services Business Leader Research Team, 7 October 2022

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