5 experimentation strategies for the new normal

5 experimentation strategies for the new normal

In this guide, learn actionable ways teams can lean into experimentation and thrive despite obstacles.

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The business world is still trying to understand the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic—and it hasn’t been easy navigating through it.

We survived a pandemic, government-mandated restrictions, worldwide lockdowns, and a sweeping crisis that triggered dramatic shifts in shopper behavior. Many companies were wholly unprepared, while others were able to pivot quickly and deliver unexpected value to their customers.

Uncertainty is likely to be the status quo for the 
foreseeable future.

The ability to shift and continually deliver what customers want will be critical as businesses work to thrive in the new normal. This is where experimentation-driven organizations will continue to lead the way.

These organizations are focused on iteration. On testing and learning in a cycle of continuous improvement. This allows them to stay close to their customers and encourages organizational humility and flexibility. If an experience isn’t resonating with customers, the response is to quickly test and validate a new evidence-based idea and change that experience.

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