Using Frustration Signals to Guide Product Improvements

When it comes to picking software solutions, consumers have more options than ever before. In this competitive landscape, even the slightest friction in the digital experience can lead to lower engagement, higher bounce rates, and underperforming conversions.

In this webinar, FullStory and Appcues take you through the best ways to easily identify—and quickly solve—frustration in your digital experience:

What’s Covered

Topics discussed in this webinar include:

  • How to use frustration signals to surface problem areas in your product
  • Practices you can put into place immediately to take action and solve frustration
  • Suggestions for opportunities to improve key areas of your existing product experience

About the Presenters

Jordan Woods

Jordan Woods builds demand generation programs at FullStory. Prior to FullStory, Jordan worked at an ad tech company, aiding efforts to rescue the internet from ugly and invasive ads. His professional interests include exploring new marketing technologies and testing the limits of what can reasonably be done in Google Sheets.

When not working, you can find Jordan at Home Depot, planning a home improvement project that will undoubtedly remain unfinished for the foreseeable future.

Jackson Noel

Jackson Noel is the CEO & Co-Founder of Appcues. Prior to Appcues, Jackson worked on the growth team at Testive, an education technology startup and he started his career at GE Capital as an Investment Analyst. Jackson is from St. Louis, MO and is still a Midwesterner at heart, despite living on the East Coast for over a decade.