Watch | Building for Ms. Bennett

Watch | Building for Ms. Bennett

FullStory CEO, Scott Voigt, discusses the importance of empathy in today's digital-first world.

How to build better digital products by keeping your customer in focus

Ms. Bennett, a mother of three with a full-time job, is mid-checkout at the grocery store when she realizes she left her wallet at home. Panic ensues—but then, something magical happens. The cashier says, “Did you know you can pay with our app?" Crisis averted.

Behind every conversion, every transaction, there’s a person. Are you fighting for them? You can bet your competitors are. And when you don’t put your customer first, you erode trust and lose out on revenue.

In this webinar, FullStory CEO, Scott Voigt, explores why empathy is everything if you want to keep customers around for the long-term—especially in today's digital-first world.

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