Empathize, innovate, retain: How CX pros use FullStory to outsmart customer frustration

Hosted by Kelsey Crane, Solutions Engineer

Learn first-hand how customer experience teams use FullStory’s complete interaction data to provide superior service, advocate for experience improvements, and keep customers coming back. 

Here’s what one CX pro had to say: “You can see where an issue occurred, where any confusion may lie, and just a full account of what happened for a support ticket. It has greatly reduced the need to make tickets to our development team for help and empowers our support team to resolve issues on their own.”

In this live demonstration, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Keep customers coming back with proactive support that can be tied to revenue impacts

  • Pinpoint friction with Session Replay and Watched Elements to offer resolutions quickly

  • Play a crucial role in shaping better app, site, or software experiences by advocating for customers with data on your side