Finding Your Product's North Star Metric

What metrics best predict your product and business’ health?

With the glut of business metrics that abound—ARPU, AOV, CLTV, etc.—individual product metrics often take a backseat in the company narrative. The best product teams, however, rigorously define, monitor, and re-evaluate North Star Metrics, the collection of user activities that best represent and predict product (and business) health.

Join us as we talk with Abbie Kouzmanoff (Product Manager, Amplitude) and Tommy Noonan (Product Manager, FullStory) about North Star Metrics, how to find them, and how to ensure they're the right ones for your product.

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What's Covered

Topics discussed in this webinar include:

  • What a North Star is (and what it isn’t)
  • How to find your North Star Metric(s)
  • What North Star Metrics the Amplitude and FullStory product teams have adopted
  • How to operationalize North Star Metrics once they are chosen