Move beyond debugging: See how engineers delight users with FullStory

Hosted by David Rhodes, Senior Solutions Engineer

See how engineers use FullStory to prioritize work to be done, pinpoint root cause quickly, and win more time back for building experiences customers will love.

Engineers using FullStory tell us they save so much time–whether that’s 10% of time saved each sprint, reducing time to bug resolution by 50%, and even saving 25% of time by understanding what work WON’T be impactful, so they can focus on what matters.

In this live demonstration, you will learn:

  • Every quantitative measure is a click away from a qualitative session replay playlist–so you don’t just know something’s wrong, you see exactly what, where, and why 

  • Autocapture means FullStory does the “finding” so you can do the “fixing” faster–all without the constant maintenance of instrumentation

  • 43 technology integrations and counting means sharing insights across teams is quick and easy