Synergies in your digital experience tech stack

Synergies in your digital experience tech stack

Why do top product teams opt for tech stacks over suites? And how can you benefit from a stack approach?

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The new way product teams combine technologies to build more perfect digital experiences

“All-in-one” product suites have lost their luster as top product teams opt to build technology stacks—a combination of specialized solutions that seamlessly integrate with one another, allowing data to freely flow between them.

Of course, for teams to get the most out of their tech stack, the products that constitute it must do more than simply integrate with one another—they must communicate the right information in the right workflows. In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of eschewing “suites” in favor of more nimble tech stacks

  • How top companies use multiple solutions in their stack to build powerful workflows

  • How the Digital Experience Stack (“DXS”) is changing the way digital teams build experiences

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