Using Behavioral Economics to Build a Better Checkout Funnel

When crafting a checkout funnel, we often assume our customers will behave logically and rationally. But the truth is they largely don’t. The good news is that this irrational behavior is surprisingly predictable. By understanding a few key principles of behavioral economics, you can dramatically improve conversion through the checkout funnel and create a delightful digital experience for your customers.

Join us as we talk with Claire Schmitt from leading experimentation agency Brooks Bell about how to use behavioral economics to inform your experimentation strategy and transform your digital experience.

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What's Covered

Topics discussed in this webinar include:

  • How to use social proof to encourage conversion.
  • How to help your customers avoid choice overload.
  • How to apply Goal Gradient Hypothesis to keep your customers engaged.
  • How to use scarcity & loss aversion to drive purchase.
  • How to implement an experimentation strategy that makes it clear which of these principles will improve your conversion rates the quickest.