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An open letter to our community

Scott Voigt
Posted June 02, 2020
An open letter to our community

On Monday, I shared the note below with everyone at FullStory to acknowledge the pain that our Black colleagues were feeling and the heaviness of recent events in America.

However, FullStory has been slow to make a public statement. Why? In truth, I struggled with the contradiction of having @fullstory tweet out profound words relating to systemic racial injustice knowing that, days later, the same twitter handle is likely going to promote a whitepaper on digital experience.

To me, I worried any statement would be seen as disingenuous, misconstrued as a company trying to promote its brand on the back of such a crucial, serious moment in history. Also, in the scheme of things, we’re a relatively small tech company, and, I thought, the world isn’t looking to us as a harbinger on critically important social issues.

What I was missing — and what I now realize — is that our hurting teammates need our unwavering support posted in any and every venue possible. I’m sorry I was so slow to recognize this.

Let me be absolutely clear:

FullStory stands in solidarity with the Black community. Black lives matter. Period. End of story.

To my Black colleagues, I know you are hurting. It is important that you are seen, heard, and safe.

While I believe we’ve tried to create an environment where bias gets checked at the door, and where everyone can be themselves without question or fear, I know we are operating in a world where that is rarely true, and we can do more. This work does not end tomorrow, the next day, or the day after that. This work is long-term.

Slack message from FullStory CEO to employees about BLM

Scott VoigtFounder & CEO

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Scott Voigt is the Founder and CEO of FullStory. He is based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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