Capture bugs like fireflies in a jar with FullStory for JIRA
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Capture bugs like fireflies in a jar with FullStory for JIRA

The FullStory Team
Posted October 11, 2016

Here at FullStory, we aren’t just creating a platform that records and replays your customer experience with surprisingly high fidelity. We aim to help you understand your data and put it to use making your product better (and your customers happier) every day, no matter what team you’re on. Even development.

Now now, I know what you’re thinking: a tool for recording and viewing customer sessions must be for designers and product managers only. But I can tell you (as an ops engineer myself) FullStory also lives solidly in the realm of debugging and development tools.

In fact, FullStory goes way beyond standard debugging tools: we capture the bug happening, like trapping a firefly in a jar. As such, session replay can be an incredible debugging tool.

JIRA and FullStory

With FullStory + JIRA, each time you receive a ticket through support or any other channel, you’ll have the power of FullStory to fill you in on the details. I can’t reproduce the bug is no longer a thing when you can see every user action and DOM state leading up to the critical moment, review the JavaScript console in sync with the playback, easily correlate problems to your server logs, and even get the relevant customer information such as browser, OS, user-agent, display size, and more.

fs jira integration

Read on to find out what the JIRA integration can do for you. Then, to see how you can get started with the JIRA integration!

Create a JIRA ticket from a note in a FullStory session

When you or your teammates notice an issue in a customer’s session — whether it’s a bug, a confusing piece of UI, or any other task you want to track — make a note using FullStory’s built-in Share button and select “Send to JIRA.” FullStory will automatically pass into JIRA all the details it captured about the session including the customer’s IP address, user-agent string, viewport size, visited URL(s), referrers, and more. Plus, FullStory is sensitive to the required fields your team has created in JIRA and gives you the opportunity to fill those in as you create the ticket.

Once a JIRA ticket is submitted, you’ll be able to find it and bask in the glory of having all this delicious, delicious detail, complete with a link directly into the related FullStory session playback.


Ready to trap those bugs?

The power of FullStory’s captured customer experience data + your team’s favorite task-management tool makes issue resolution easier than ever. All you need to do is install the integration and start using it! Or go learn more about session replay for debugging.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback by emailing or tweeting @fullstory.

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