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CINC drives millions of dollars in ROI with FullStory and Optimizely

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Posted May 27, 2022
CINC drives millions of dollars in ROI with FullStory and Optimizely

Over three-fourths of online businesses are running A/B tests on their websites. And for good reason: better UX design resulting from A/B testing can increase conversion by 400%.

Experimentation is powerful—especially when it’s driven by data. FullStory, Optimizely, and CXperts sat down with joint customer CINC to talk in detail about optimizing the experimentation strategy through data. The conversation included:

  • Eddie Rodriguez, Director of Product at CINC

  • Heather Semler, Principal Product Evangelist at Optimizely

  • Steven Shyne, Cofounder and COO of CXperts

  • Niki Madison, Senior Customer Success Manager at FullStory

Here’s a quick look at some of the first-hand insights from the leading real estate platform on harnessing the power of data-driven experimentation.

Collecting digital experience data is a non-negotiable

For modern businesses, knowing what your site or app visitors are doing is simply not enough. To make meaningful DX improvements, you need to know why they’re doing it.

“When I first joined CINC, we were only using Google Analytics. That gives you a foundation of quantitative data, but not the whole story. There were questions to be answered both on the website and mobile,” said Eddie Rodriguez. “That’s where FullStory and Optimizely came into play and gave us qualitative metrics. I can go into FullStory and see exactly where the pain points are, and then use Optimizely to test for the highest converting user experiences.”

And, according to Eddie, gathering data is critically important to DX success.

“If you’re not collecting data, you should start today. Whether you’re a company with 20 employees or 2000 employees, you should be experimenting and collecting data,” said Eddie. “And not every experiment works, but you keep tinkering until you get the results you’re looking for.”

Use that data to inform your experiments

The best decisions are made based on a functional combination of quantitative and qualitative data: quantitative to understand what users are doing, and qualitative to gather context around why they’re doing it. Together, these allow you to find DX problems and solutions efficiently.

“Data-driven decisions are what any product person wants,” Eddie said. “Once you have the DX data you need, you use Optimizely to put several experiences out there and figure out which one delivers the world class experience to your customers.”

An example of this strategy in action occurred when CINC launched a cash offer lead capture experience. After the release, they used FullStory to see that many leads couldn’t get through the first step in the flow, adding their address. Furthermore, through Session Replay, they could see that Google’s auto form fill was the issue—it was preventing leads from entering their addresses.

“I wouldn’t have been able to see that without FullStory,” Eddie said. “That discovery drove an immediate change to the experience. Since we’ve implemented FullStory and Optimizely together, this year we’ve increased conversions by 10%, which equates to millions of dollars in ROI.”

Integrate your tech stack 

Breaking down data silos between the different tools in your digital experience tech stack is a key piece of making fully informed DX decisions. And, as a Senior Customer Success Manager, Niki Madison gets to help teams demolish these silos each day.

“It’s crucial to integrate FullStory with the tools that are already in your tech stack to provide more data for your experiments,” Niki Madison said. “Customers are sometimes hesitant to integrate their tech stack and want to keep the data siloed, but integrating key tools creates a common source of digital truth within an organization.” 

With FullStory, integrations are made easy through our robust network of technology partners. Plus, seeking technical support from an organization like CXperts ensures the implementation and integration processes for DX tools is quick and seamless. 

“Everybody at an organization has a roadmap and initiatives they’re trying to tackle,” Eddie said. “Having a partner like CXperts to help CINC integrate these tools allowed us to continue at a high velocity without missing a beat.” 

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Promote a culture of experimentation 

Experiments—like testing CTA placement or different versions of a landing page—ensure that your organization’s site or app is constantly iterating toward the best possible user experience. 

“Using data to drive decisions is the only way to ensure that the decision drives better digital experiences and that you’re improving key business metrics,” Optimizely’s Heather Semler said. “If you’re not using experimentation you’re shooting in the dark, which is not a strategy for success.” 

Digital experience data enables you to identify the pain points in your user experience. For example, one way CINC susses out user friction is by creating a Funnel for a particular flow and identifying the drop off points. Then, they can watch sessions to see what led up to the drop off. They recently used this method when they discovered that the filters in their mobile app were causing users to become frustrated and leave. This discovery led to a major redesign of the search functionality in the app. 

After identifying the pain points in FullStory, Eddie said, their next goal is to replace it with delight. “That’s when we pull in Optimizely to A/B test within our mobile app to ensure we’re delivering world class software and value to our clients.” 

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