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Don’t outgrow your DX tech

The FullStory Team
Posted February 28, 2022
Don’t outgrow your DX tech

Every business, no matter how different, has a common goal: growth. 

There are many different ways to achieve and measure growth, and—as anyone in business will tell you—it isn’t something that happens all at once. And as Steve Jobs famously said, “If you look really closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

A key component of this is iterative evaluation of structures, processes, tools, and more. As teams grow more successful, they dig into what helped them get to this point and ask if it’s still useful future-forward. What’s used to scale a startup is usually different than what’s used to scale a medium-sized business. (And that’s different than a Fortune 100 company, and so on.)

In the context of digital experience, achieving growth invariably requires focus on three key areas: 

  • Alignment: The structures, processes, and practices that facilitate transparency, consensus, and prioritization around an organization’s digital experience strategy and goals. 

  • Activations: The ways in which an organization continuously incorporates digital experience data into the experimentation and improvement processes. 

  • Technology: The tools that are at work behind the scenes to gather, analyze, and surface insights in digital experience data. 

Essentially, these are the pillars of digital experience maturity. While alignment and activations might seem like the key players, achieving maturity in these two pillars isn’t possible without a strong foundation of integrated, scalable technologies.

Today, there are digital experience technologies that scale as your company does, completely circumventing the time it takes to sunset a legacy tool, find and onboard a new one, learn the ropes, and integrate it into your day-to-day processes. 

In this article, we’ll focus on how technology lays the groundwork for improving your digital experience and, ultimately, driving growth.

(For extra credit, read our full guide on digital experience (DX) maturity.)

What organizations with great digital experiences have in common (Spoiler: it’s smart DX tech)

According to FullStory research, organizations that deliver better digital experiences are more likely to have chosen technologies that: 

  • Allow teams to directly access the data they need to do their jobs—and ensure everyone is making decisions based on the same data. This is deeply interwoven with alignment—employees who can access necessary data from a single source of truth can make faster, more autonomous, and more confident decisions.

  • Have a complete view of the customer’s digital experience. This calls for complete, unsampled data ingestion, and a combination of quantitative and qualitative data. 

  • Are highly integrated, diminishing the impact of dispersed or disconnected teams. Organizations that deliver more ideal digital experiences are 223% more likely to have very integrated technology stacks. This enables teams to get the most out of specialized software solutions and avoid creating harmful data silos. 

  • Allow teams to ship fixes and improvements quickly. It’s important to source technologies that proactively surface your most important opportunities, and provide the context and data needed to prioritize improvements. 

As your organization invests in digital experience technology, it’s important to choose tools that can meet increasing demands. Rather than starting with a single-function DX platform and later evaluating and onboarding a more robust solution, teams should select technologies that scale as needed. 

DXI gives you room to grow—here’s how it scales with your organization

FullStory’s Digital Experience Intelligence platform offers different plans in order to accommodate the needs of unique businesses, each offering more advanced features and analytics than the last. 

While FullStory’s Free Edition might meet the initial needs of a small startup, teams can access new features and insights by upgrading. This circumvents the hassle of vetting and learning a brand new tool.

Similarly, as an organization's digital experience strategy becomes more sophisticated, they can maximize the potential of FullStory's platform with the Enterprise plan.

Want to see what’s included with FullStory’s DXI platform? Check out our plans page to see the right option for you and your business.

Ready to assess and improve your organization’s digital experience maturity to advance growth? Access the complete guide to DX maturity. 

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