FullStory leadership spotlight: Jamie Garverick
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FullStory leadership spotlight: Jamie Garverick

Hunter Garrett
Posted October 29, 2019

On August 6, 2018, we shared this photo on Instagram to celebrate FullStory’s 100th employee. Today, just over a year later, we’re almost 225 strong. Crazy. 🤯

And we have no plans to stop. We want to change the world of digital experience and — to do that — we need customer experience enthusiasts and software geeks, including a team of talented sellers.

To lead this stellar sales team, we knew we needed to bring in a seasoned sales leader who shared our mission to make the web a better place, brought an analytical approach to scaling sales teams, and had a track record to back it up. Enter Jamie Garverick, Head of Sales at FullStory.

We sat down with Jamie to talk about what brought him to FullStory and his plan to shape our sales team. Here’s what he had to say.

What Are Your Career Highlights?

My career highlights include being part of the growth at CallidusCloud, which sold to SAP for $2.5B. In the 15 years I spent there, I helped grow a sales team from 30 people to over 100 and quintupled our annual recurring revenue (ARR). One of the best parts of that experience was the opportunity afforded me to build strong relationships with amazing and talented folks.

What Drew You to FullStory?

Many things attracted me to FullStory. At the top of the list were the people. I could tell from the start that FullStory is a group of talented, principled, and hard-working individuals. I’m excited to be working with such a great team.

Next, is the opportunity FullStory has in the market. We’re at the culmination of two major trends: First, increasing growth in the number of companies spending money on customer digital experience and second, the growth in time spent online. I’m thrilled to position FullStory as the defacto market leader.

Finally, it’s the investors. When I looked at the investors that back FullStory (Stripes, Dell Technologies Capital, GV, Kleiner Perkins, and Salesforce Ventures) it was validation that FullStory is an amazing company with a high-growth trajectory.

What Were Your First Impressions of Your Coworkers?

My initial response was that my coworkers are bright, motivated, welcoming, and caring. It’s also clear that there’s a deeply collected belief that, what's best for your users is best for your company. It’s something that I see daily in our product, messaging, and support decisions.

We also have a lot of former Google and Salesforce employees that bring a ton of best practices from those organizations. With that comes mature process and systems, yet we’re able to remain nimble and agile.

What Are You Most Excited About for FullStory?

I’m most excited about the opportunity to participate in the growth of the digital experience market. As part of the broader customer experience market, I think there is a ton of value FullStory can provide to help our customers better understand how their customers experience their digital channels.

Most companies look at customer experience as their number one differentiator and digital channels are often the largest and most comprehensive source of customer experience signals. There is a huge opportunity for us to provide our customers insights that help them improve these experiences and differentiate them from their competitors.

How Has the B2B Sales Process Changed Since You Started Your Career?

Many years ago, sales professionals relied on relationship selling—and it worked. But with more complex buying processes, knowledgeable (thanks internet) customers, and speed of change, the top producing sales people take a consultative, problem solving, value realization sales approach. Great sales people consult and advise their customers on how software will deliver a tangible return on their investment.

How Do You Build a Successful Sales Team?

It starts with hiring the right sales people: skilled, experienced, self starters who are hungry to win. Then, we are responsible to set them up for success. This means providing the right sales process, systems, messaging, and people to support them. That excites me—I love watching salespeople succeed and grow.

How Is FullStory Positioned to Succeed in the Market?

The engineering talent at FullStory is unbelievable and we’ve built an incredible enterprise-grade digital experience management platform. FullStory has mastered the difficult challenge of building a platform for enterprise companies that is easy to use with a fast time to value.

We have Fortune 1000 customers that deploy and get value inside of a few weeks–it’s incredible! I’ve been blown away by customer responses to our software. I believe every company will invest in technology like ours and that we are well positioned to serve the large majority of the market.

What’s One Thing That You’d like People to Know About You?

My usual go-to fun fact is that I have a twin sister and I have twins. But what’s also interesting is that I have a special needs 14 year-old son who has epilepsy. He’s a phenomenal young man and we are very proud of his journey. My amazing wife and I are very involved with the Atlanta special needs community and are very fortunate to have the opportunity to connect, learn, and develop with many special needs families and children.

FullStory is growing and we’re looking for talented individuals across the board to join the team. If you’re interested in learning more about what makes us tick, check out the FullStory jobs page.

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