Solve support ticket mysteries with performance insights from Dev Tools
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Solve support ticket mysteries with performance insights from Dev Tools

Melanie Crissey
Posted July 25, 2018

"Your website is sooo slow. Is it slow for everyone or just me?"

Imagine receiving this message: in a support ticket from a valued customer, as a tweet from an influencer with a huge following, or in a direct Slack message from your CEO.

Zoinks! How do you respond?

If you're like me (and most folks), the first thing you might do is open the website on your own computer.

"Huh. That's funny. It seems fine for me…"

Except, "seems fine for me" doesn't help make the site load faster. And, it's definitely not going to cut it as a reply on Twitter, a response on a support ticket, or as a quip back to your CEO. Slow websites are painful symptoms of real issues, and you can't solve those issues by telling someone that you're not experiencing them yourself.

Sure, it's possible that there's a slow network to blame. But, it could also be a broken third-party script, an unoptimized file, a failing CDN, or any number of janky UX bugs affecting hundreds (or thousands!) of other people from the same location or browser type.

To solve the mystery of slowly loading pages, you need to see what the network requests and console logs looked like for your real visitor on your site at the time of their session.

That's exactly what FullStory Dev Tools empowers you to do.

See the Network tab and more with FullStory Dev Tools.

Dev Tools: customer support power tools

With Dev Tools, you can quickly:

  • Locate the actual session where someone experienced slowness with FullStory search or session links integrated to your Help Desk;

  • See exactly how fast the page loaded with page speed metrics broken down by First Contentful Paint, DOMContentLoaded, and Load Time; and

  • Click open the network view to see each request, line-by-line, and drill down into nitty gritty details to debug the problem.


Suddenly, you've got super-sleuth abilities to see the network tab, console, timings, and errors—even for sessions that happened in the past. It's like being able to open your favorite browser's developer tools for any customer without needing to peek over their shoulders, book a screen share meeting, or ask them to send you a HAR file.

A common language across teams for debugging issues

Dev Tools gives everyone in your organization a common language for debugging performance issues. Page speed metrics allow anyone to confirm slow sessions at a glance, while the console and network views—complete with stack traces and connection timings for each request—give developer detectives CSI-like tools to look for clues.

As soon as you confirm that the session was indeed slow or buggy, you can click "Add to search" to search across all of your sessions on your site and measure the impact of the problem.

In record time, you'll be able to confidently write back:

"So sorry for the lag! It's not just you. We're already working on a fix, so things should feel much faster soon."

Remember: all of this page performance data is at your fingertips in the context of session replay, where you can watch exactly how someone interacted with your site. And, in playback mode, you can use FullStory's shareable Notes to easily loop in engineers to investigate further. You can even click "Report a bug" (which populates a message with helpful info like the User Agent string, browser type, URL, and more) to file a report in your bug tracking system and make sure performance problems don't fall through the cracks.

Click "Report a bug" to send browser details and more to any bug tracking system.

Better performance, fewer bugs

At the end of the day, performance problems are bugs: bugs that affect customer experience and drag down engagement with your website or your product. But, debugging performance problems doesn't have to be a time suck for your team.

Whether you're using FullStory to support your customers or catch pesky bugs on the loose, Dev Tools can help save you countless hours of trying to replicate problems without the context you need.

Ready to see it for yourself? Start a trial of Dev Tools for your existing account—or sign up for a free trial of FullStory Pro (Dev Tools included!) below.

Melanie CrisseyFormer Product Marketing Manager

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Melanie Crissey was previously a Product Marketing Manager at FullStory.

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