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Introducing Fullstory’s Technology Partner Ecosystem

Amy Ellis
Posted February 25, 2020
Introducing Fullstory’s Technology Partner Ecosystem

We’ve long invested in our own open APIs and in building integrations with best-in-class technology solutions. Today, we are excited to further those investments by announcing the launch of Fullstory’s Technology Partner Ecosystem.

Carefully curated, Fullstory's Technology Partner Ecosystem introduces a network of industry-leading technology partners across 15 categories, including experience optimization, product analytics, experience management, application performance management, and customer data platforms.

The Technology Partner Ecosystem broadens the reach and range of our integrated solutions dramatically—so that together, organizations can deliver innovative and high-impact digital experiences.

Watch this video (2:43) for a short overview of the Ecosystem:

And if you want to get right into it, check out the new Fullstory technology partner integrations directory. You can also find our press release about this announcement here.

Now, want to know more about what’s all this about—and what’s it mean for you? Read on!

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Have you ever reflected on how neighborhoods take shape? In the beginning, families build their homes close to one another—for protection, for socialization, for support, for efficiency.

Those families need places to gather, places to purchase goods, a place to educate their kids. So along come the grocery stores, the public houses, the schools, and the parks. Each serves an important need in the community and, in playing their part, makes the neighborhood stronger.

When this works well, a vibrant ecosystem emerges—an alchemical amalgamation of people, families, and the businesses and services who support them.

Neighborhood illustration

In software, a vibrant ecosystem is as essential to business success as the neighborhood is to the community’s survival. In the same way that a neighborhood school thrives because there is also a grocery store, a public house, and a park, Fullstory thrives because of and in service to the larger technology ecosystem.

Because wonderful solutions exist to deliver things like experience optimization, customer feedback management, performance monitoring and more, Fullstory can focus on building, improving, and providing exceptional digital experience intelligence.

Our Technology Partner Ecosystem represents our investment in open, integrated platforms that work together and create a fully connected tech stack ready to be leveraged by companies focused on delivering a more perfect customer experience.

Building a fully integrated digital experience tech stack with Fullstory has been a game changer for us. With Optimizely we’re able to run experiments on our own digital experience, use Amplitude to analyze results quantitatively, and with both connected to Fullstory we can easily analyze the underlying customer experience and find the best opportunities for improvement.— Matt Stein, VP of Product at Metromile

Companies like Metromile are realizing that having the right tech stack can be a competitive advantage that helps them make smarter decisions that better serve their customers—and their business.

Meet the partners in our neighborhood

We want to ensure that Fullstory’s digital experience data enhances every other “DX” technology in your stack—bringing them all together to create a single view into your customer’s experience.

With the Fullstory Partner Ecosystem we further our commitment to this mission by:

  • Fostering an active, connected developer community (See what we’re doing on our dev-focused blog a.k.a. “Bionic”),

  • Providing thorough API documentation for every integration (learn more), and

  • Making a commitment to bilateral integrations, which allow data to flow into and out of Fullstory so you can get the answers you need where and when you need them.

What steps are you taking to fully integrate your tech stack? Explore the Integrations Directory today and discover how Fullstory can boost the capabilities of your favorite digital experience technologies.

An integrated technology stack is one of the key factors that will power a more perfect, seamless digital experience. What’re you waiting for?

Amy EllisFormer Partner Marketing Manager

About the author

Amy Ellis was previously the Partner Marketing Manager at Fullstory.

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