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Dev Tools by FullStory

Analyze mysterious bugs as they occur in the wild, understand what impacts loading speeds, and provide clairvoyant-level customer support to your entire user base.

Page speed metrics for every session

Find out how quickly pages are loading (and what that actually looks like) for real customers on every imaginable browser, device type, or network connection with FullStory’s page speed metrics.

  • Icon dom content


    The initial HTML document has been loaded and parsed—however, stylesheets, images, and subframes may not be finished loading.

  • Icon paint

    First Contentful Paint

    The browser has rendered text, images, or SVGs, marking the moment at which users can start consuming the page’s content.

  • Icon page load

    Page Load Complete

    The whole page and all its dependent resources have finished loading. It’s likely the page was contentful and interactive before this timestamp.

Search and find page load bottlenecks

Your page speed metrics are fully indexed and ready for search. FullStory’s powerful filtering system lets you pinpoint customers who experienced unusually long load times or otherwise janky performance.

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Problem pages identify themselves

Our smart data visualizations calculate average page speed metrics across all your recorded sessions and instantly bubble up the slowest pages on your site.

Devtools visualization
Icon network request

A stopwatch for network requests

FullStory’s network analysis view illustrates the timing of each browser request, exposing 3rd party scripts, unoptimized images, or anything else dragging down the performance of your pages. Export the data as a HAR file to easily port to your existing workflows.

Icon stack trace

Discover the root cause of every error

Every recorded session on your site includes a comprehensive stack trace, quickly directing you to the problematic method call at the source of your customer’s issue—no bug reproduction required.

Get under the hood of your user experience

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