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4 must-watch sessions from Spark 2022

Kirsten Newbold-Knipp
Posted November 02, 2022
4 must-watch sessions from Spark 2022

This October, I had the joy of acting as the emcee for Spark, FullStory’s first Digital Experience Intelligence conference in Atlanta. 

With over 500 in-person and virtual attendees, Spark was a lively forum for customers, partners, and FullStorians to meet, ask questions, exchange tips, and find more ways to gather value from FullStory and the DXI ecosystem. 


And, of course, dozens of amazing speakers—from Chipotle, DailyPay, Project44, JetBlue, FullStory, and many more organizations—shared their digital experience insights. While I highly recommend checking out all for their valuable learnings, I want to share my personal highlights.

Let’s take a look. 

1. Gibson Biddle explores the balance between margin and delight 

Former VP of Netflix Gibson Biddle talked through creating delightfully unique customer experiences—and how to tie those experiences back to your bottom line. In doing so, he introduced us all to a great new acronym, DHM (I’ll get back to that in a second). When he was at Netflix, he challenged his team to find the balance between delight and margin: does the cost of doing something outweigh the revenue it generates? 

For example, when Netflix was a subscription DVD rental company (remember those days?), they set out to perfect the New Release experience. The question they needed to answer was: “How many copies of a movie do we need on-hand to ensure that everyone who wants to can feel the delight of watching it immediately with no waitlist?” In this instance, it turned out that delight created outweighed the revenue generated. Five million dollars in additional inventory only resulted in $1 million of additional revenue. In this test, the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze. That boils down to DHM: “How will your product delight customers, in hard to copy, margin-enhancing ways?”

Watch Gibson’s session for more insights on creating delightfully unique customer experiences. 

2. Using data and analytics to supercharge the DTC experience with Yankee Candle

Tambi Younes, Senior Director of Product and Digital Experience at Newell Brands, shared how beloved candle brand Yankee Candle is using DXI to revamp their direct-to-consumer offering. By integrating FullStory with ABTasty’s experimentation platform and leveraging CXperts’ solutions partnership, Yankee Candle has perfected the intersection of people, process, and technology to improve its overall digital experience and ultimately boost sales. 


Watch the panel with Yankee Candle, ABTasty, and CXperts. 

3. Navigating the challenges and opportunities of native mobile with BEES 

In a fireside chat-style session, Enterprise CSM Director Gardner Rordam talked with Harold Merrell, Director of Engineering, Mobile Architecture & Tooling at BEES, about how FullStory has helped eliminate mobile app blind spots for their business. Harold says BEES, AB InBev’s B2B app, was on a mission to better understand their mobile app bugs and crashes. FullStory’s DXI has allowed BEES to significantly improve the quality of their mobile app by making it easier to identify segments of users who were experiencing them and track down the causes—and to do it all weeks faster than they could with traditional analytics tools. 

Hear the rest of Gardner and Harold’s fireside chat here.

4. Launching 14 brands on web and mobile with Tata Digital’s Arnab Ganguly 

Our furthest-traveled speaker, Arnab Ganguly, came from India to share what Tata Digital learned through the process of launching over a dozen brands on web and mobile with the help of FullStory’s DXI.

Arnab describes Tata as a “super app” that allows you to shop across multiple products and services with a single login. They adopted FullStory to solve three unique problems: the inability to make data-driven decisions, the need to stitch customer journeys together across multiple brands, and the desire to unify metrics and reporting. Arnab explored how Tata has been able to use FullStory’s Digital Experience Intelligence to gain qualitative session insights, identify pain points through frustration signals like Rage and dead clicks, run conversion funnel analyses, and much more. 

Watch the recording to learn more about how Tata Digital uses FullStory to improve its super app. 


BONUS! My favorite takeaway from Spark was the sense of community, shared curiosity, and commitment to the customer—and it came to life in a very cool way. We’ll talk about it more in weeks to come, but I couldn’t end this post without recognizing one of our speakers who shared not only best practices but also her foundational commitment to customers as her north star… in the form of a Compass Rose tattoo featuring the FullStory “FS” at its core. Partnering with Darlene Miranda, VP of Product at Daily Pay, to unveil her “true north” was a very special moment that we shared. Stay tuned for more on Dar and her new ink. 

This is just a snapshot of the amazing moments and digital experience insights presented at Spark 2022. Stay tuned for more session recaps and takeaways coming soon! 

Still need more Spark? Check out the complete video playlist here.

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